Varia — April 3, 2018

1. Thanks be to God, the budget was passed without the abortion expansion proposal: But the Governor insists that he will continue to press for it, so we cannot rest!

2. An op-ed on the Governor’s abortion proposal that focuses on the legalization of domestic violence against an unborn child:

3. The glamorization of euthanasia (i.e., murder by request) in Canada highlights the inherent flaws of any legalization regime (e.g., doctor-shopping) and the insatiable hunger of the Death Cult:

4. A look at the map shows that opposition to assisted suicide is still strong in the US:

5. Our attorney general’s inveterate hostility to freedom of conscience is on display again, this time in a lawsuit that seeks to strike down federal regs that protect medical professionals:

6. Typical awful article in the Times about the abortion referendum in Ireland:

7. This is great – a custom in Italy where Mary runs to Jesus to greet him after the Resurrection:

Varia — April 3, 2018

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