Varia — March 27, 2018

1. A horrifying case from Poland of a baby who survived an abortion only to be left to die: The Governor’s abortion bill would allow that to happen here.

2. But of course, the Newsletter of the Cult of Moloch, er, I mean the Times, just can’t get enough abortion, which it insists is a “safe, popular and common form of health care”: 60+ million unborn children were unavailable for the poll on how popular abortion is.

3. Some encouraging poll results from Ireland show that momentum may be shifting towards protecting unborn children:

4. The distance from legalizing assisted suicide to euthanasia is very, very short, as we can see in Canada already, where they’re allowing patients to qualify for physician-assisted suicide by declining food and water:

5. The headline says it all: Truth is sometimes more parody than parody.

6. So many indulgences are offered during Holy Week and Easter:

7. I posted the text of a presentation I gave last week at Albany Law School on the legal case against assisted suicide:

Varia — March 27, 2018

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