Varia — March 26, 2018

1. The Cardinal goes back to history to demonstrate how the Dems have abandoned Catholics:

2. And as for the GOP, no Conscience Protection Act for doctors and half a billion dollars (that’s $500,000,000) for Planned Parenthood: and

3. Politicians. Campaign promises. Ugh.

4. Following up on the Supreme Court arguments on the California pregnancy center persecution law – how California’s attorney misrepresented the facts during the argument, and the broader record of pro-abortion misrepresentation:

5. A group in Toronto is looking to open up a suicide clinic: Once the door opens, this is where it will inevitably lead.

6. When religious adoption agencies decline to place children with same-sex couples, the forces of “tolerance” claim it hurts the children. But there’s no evidence of that at all:

7. Can’t help it — “Stormy Weather” by Ella:

Varia — March 26, 2018

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