Varia — March 21, 2018

1. Another "personally opposed but…" Dem has won an election, David Mills explains why this is not good news for pro-lifers and the Dem party:

2. One of the last remaining pro-life Dems in the House won his primary despite massive opposition from the abortion industry, but it still bodes ill for pro-life Dems:

3. Recap of the oral argument in the Supreme Court on the California law that forces pregnancy centers to promote abortion: Encouraging. Please pray.

4. Kathryn Jean Lopez interviews Mary Eberstadt on how Humanae Vitae was prophetic about many of our contemporary problems:

5. If you want to see the oncoming demographic crisis brought on by the contraceptive mindset, look at this disturbing graphic and story from the Times:

6. So much for the Constitution’s War Powers Clause and international law on neutrality, we now have the royal prerogative for making war:

7. The Church in Canada continues to resist the ideological pressure from their government to conform to contemporary sexual "orthodoxy": The same crisis is coming in New York, and soon.

Varia — March 21, 2018

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