Varia — March 8, 2018

1. The Supreme Court of Ireland essentially declares that unborn children have no rights that born people are bound to respect, and clears the way for a referendum so that voters can do the same: and

2. $1.5 billion – that’s billion – paid by US taxpayers to Planned Parenthood, and millions more to Maria Stopes, an international abortion corporation:

3. As seen in a disturbing article and documentary that celebrate a joint assisted suicide, the pathology of the Culture of Death invariably goes from “tragic necessity we reluctantly accept” to “positive good we should encourage”:

4. And the Netherlands reports that there was an 8% rise in cases of euthanasia: Since there is only self-reporting by doctors, there is no way of knowing the real number or how many abuses took place — including people who are euthanized without request.

5. Another college is trying to shut down a Christian student group, apparently because nobody at the school has read the 1st Amendment or cares about respecting religious diversity:

6. An amazing story of an immigrant from South Sudan who escaped slavery to become an Olympic athlete and then joined the US Air Force:

Varia — March 8, 2018

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