Varia — March 5, 2018

1. I blogged on the contempt shown by assisted suicide advocates for limitations and patient protections:

2. In Ontario, a court has ruled that doctors cannot decline to participate in assisted suicide/euthanasia: Coming to a state near you.

3. Behold the power of public witness for the gift of life, in the face of demonic opposition, at the Temple of Moloch, er, I mean the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, in Manhattan: Psalm 23 says it all.

4. Another attack on religious liberty from a supposedly enlightened nation – a ban on religious circumcision in Iceland: This is the country, you will recall, that bragged about its annihilation of children with Down Syndrome.

5. And a disturbing account of anti-Christian violence in super-liberal Sweden:

6. A new feast day for Mary!

Varia — March 5, 2018

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