Varia — February 27, 2018

1. The ground war against religious liberty continues, with attacks on the freedom of Catholic adoption agencies that wish to follow our beliefs about marriage and sexuality:

2. The hospice movement is a key element to defending against euthanasia, and is being pressured by death advocates to fall in line:

3. Our Black-Robed Platonic Guardian Rulers on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals have decided that they have the power to amend statutes without consulting Congress, so they re-define “sex” to include “sexual orientation”: Governing is so much easier when you don’t have to worry about democracy or law.

4. A Christian college wins a definitive victory against the zombie-like HHS Mandate:

5. If only the Babylon Bee were reporting real news:

6. A measure of the man that Billy Graham was can be seen in his death:

Varia — February 27, 2018

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