Varia — February 14, 2018

1. Chairmen of the USCCB committees on domestic and foreign social development express serious concerns about the Administration’s proposed budget, and call on all parties to take moral principles into account: Full letter here:

2. Archbishop Gomez asks that the Dreamers not be treated as mere bargaining chips in the debate over immigration:

3. Numbers of assisted suicides in Oregon continue to rise:

4. The Temple of Moloch, er, I mean Planned Parenthood, is going on the offensive in state legislatures: It’s a press release posing as a news story, but still informative.

5. A very troubling overview of the alarming decline in American fertility: Curious that they focus on women’s expectations but not men’s.

6. A nice example of restorative and rehabilitative justice, courtesy of a judge in Lebanon:

7. Today is the anniversary of the day St. Valentine was beheaded for the faith:

Varia — February 14, 2018

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