Varia — February 9, 2018

1. As if there weren’t already enough abortions in California, their legislature is trying to turn college health clinics into pushers of abortion pills: Note carefully – that’s not “emergency contraception”, it’s a chemical abortion.

2. An important victory for religious liberty and for the ability to accommodate both religious people and gay "marriage":

3. Another cake-maker has won a case defending her religious freedom:

4. Gerard Bradley powerfully rebukes the University of Notre Dame over their surrender on contraception:

5. Birds of an ugly feather:

6. When a celebrity suicide gets lots of attention, there are a lot of copycats: This is called "suicide contagion", and it’s a very real threat — yet another reason not to legalize assisted suicide.

7. Let’s hear it for our Pro Bikers for Life:

Varia — February 9, 2018

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