Varia — February 7, 2018

1. Behold the slippery slope in operation – a bill in Oregon that would expand the authority of surrogates to make end-of-life decisions for incapacitated patients, which is the open door for involuntary euthanasia:

2. Despite years of bad publicity – that is, the truth – about Planned Parenthood’s evil ways, a majority of Americans continue to have a positive impression:

3. The University of Notre Dame flips, then flops, then flippity-floppy-flops on their insurance coverage for contraception and abortifacients: Money quote from the President of the University: “there’s a danger of rigidity in adhering to certain tenets that make the institution more narrow.” You know, “tenets” like immemorial Church teaching about intrinsically evil acts.

4. A busy year ahead for pro-life activists in the states:

5. Some daffy LGBTQWERTY activists want to add even more letters to include pretty much every sexual anomaly: And I thought the Kinks were a classic Brit-rock band. You really got me.

6. Archbishop Chaput gave an excellent talk on maleness and masculinity: The money quote: “Maleness, brothers, is a matter of biology. It just happens. Manhood must be learned and earned and taught. That’s our task.”

Varia — February 7, 2018

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