Varia — February 5, 2018

1. So much attention is paid to Washington that we forget that there has been huge progress in state legislatures to protect unborn children:

2. The Governor bans state contracts with companies that “promote or tolerate discrimination” on the basis of gender identity: Note that this Orwellian statement doesn’t say “actually discriminates” – it’s aimed at speech that dissents from gender ideology.

3. The Church leadership in Germany continues to fall headlong down the same-sex “marriage” rabbit hole: The answer to the question was “no”, Your Eminence, just “no”.

4. Hey Dems, when even David Brooks is giving you advice on how to become less extremist on abortion, maybe it’s time to look in the mirror:

5. Ryan Anderson continues to preach the truth about the irrationality of gender ideology: He gets attacked a lot by advocates, so we really should pray for him.

6. Doctors in Nigeria reject euthanasia, call instead for better palliative care:

Varia — February 5, 2018

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