Varia — January 12, 2018

1. Canada has their own Doctor Death, who specializes in both abortion and euthanasia:

2. Normal doctors (i.e., those with consciences) report experiencing distress after helping someone commit suicide:

3. And no matter what assisted suicide advocates say, their alleged safeguards have built in loopholes that guarantee that the law will be much broader than advertised:

4. The NY State Task Force on Life and the Law has issued a report (with a powerful minority dissent) calling for the legalization of commercial surrogate parenting contracts:

5. Good grief, there really is something seriously wrong with priestly and episcopal theological formation in Germany:

6. David French says some very important things about the addiction crisis, things that aren’t being said often and loudly enough:

7. The silly and vulgar-named pink hats from the Women’s March are being ditched because they’re apparently offensive to “transgender women”, who, er, shall we say, lack the qualifying equipment (or is that just a social construct?): We live in a strange world.

Varia — January 12, 2018

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