Varia — January 11, 2018

1. The Speaker of the House will address the march for Life:

2. The Senate is planning to take a vote on the Pain-Capable Unborn Chile Protection Act: Don’t get hopes up – it needs 60 votes to close debate and is unlikely to get them. Still, please contact our senators:

3. Connecticut will soon have a Chief Justice who, while he was a legislator, launched a direct attack on the freedom of the Church:

4. Fascinating story about how a British political leader who is a Christian was pressured into denying truths of his faith:

5. School district pays transgender student $800K for the trauma of using the bathroom of her biological sex: What are the chances that other institutions will hold firm against gender ideology nonsense, with that potential exposure?

6. This is where the pressures of gender ideology intolerance leads: (Warning – Satire Alert!)

Varia — January 11, 2018

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