Varia — January 8, 2018

1. A huge win for the religious liberty and free speech rights of pregnancy centers in the 4th Circuit, which struck down a discriminatory mandatory disclosure law from Maryland:

2. The Holy Father’s annual address to the diplomatic corps is a State of the World Address from the Church’s perspective, and well worth reading:

3. New Ways Ministry, a long-standing dissident group, does what it does best – dissent from the Church’s teaching about the absurdity of gender ideology:

4. The insatiable anti-religious fanatics at the ACLU are targeting another religious adoption agency for its deviation from the current orthodoxy:

5. Every so often, evil eugenicists give voice to exactly what evil despicable thoughts they’ve been thinking all along:

6. Word of the day: “Decadence (noun): moral degeneration or decay, turpitude, unrestrained or excessive self-indulgence”. Examples de jour from the US and Europe (add “blasphemy” to the second story too)

7. An Only in New York Story — a stolen monstrance is found abandoned on the subway:

Varia — January 8, 2018

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