Varia — January 5, 2018

1. The week of January 7 to 13 has been designated by USCCB as National Migration Week. Here are resources: Take action here to support the DREAMers, whose fate is one of the central issues in the negotiations in Congress:

2. Giving credit where credit is due, amidst all the chaos and nonsense the Administration has done some positive things to limit abortion, and promises more: So much of an improvement from the prior Administration, and so much better off than if Herself had been elected.

3. But since there are never enough abortions for the Cult of Moloch, cultists are lamenting that NY hasn’t been pro-abortion enough:

4. So Governor Abortion is still trying to expand abortion:

5. The high priestess of the Temple of Moloch is upbraided for her chronic abuse of language to hide the ugliness of the billion-dollar business she is in: John 8:44

6. David Mills has some good advice for us all — maybe we should stop talking about things that are outside our lane: A good New Year resolution for yours truly.

Varia — January 5, 2018

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