Varia — December 19, 2017

1. Archbishop Kurtz, Chair of the USCCB Religious Liberty Committee, criticizes the court ruling that reinstates the HHS Mandate on religious non-profits:

2. Legal battles continue over abortions for undocumented minors in immigration custody: and

3. Mary Eberstadt on how the sexual revolution has become tantamount to a religion: It has become a cult, actually, as evidenced by the fanatical intolerance of the gender ideology inquisition: “Eppur si muove”.

4. Pro-life groups are advocating to extend the Hyde Amendment to a bill that would provide funding under the Affordable Care Act:

5. It appears increasingly unlikely that Congress will give relief to the DACA recipients:

6. The Administration is not keeping its promises to protect Christian refugees, which is in keeping with its overall disgraceful refugee policies:

Varia — December 19, 2017

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