Varia — December 11, 2017

1. The Bishops have declared that the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe will be celebrated as a Day of Solidarity with Immigrants:

2. Wesley Smith on people who exercise self-sacrificial love in the difficult environment of contemporary bioethics:

3. The Justice Department finally wakes up and starts investigating the Temple of Moloch for its sale of human body parts: The media needs to get with the facts – we’re talking about human body parts, not “fetal tissue”.

4. A powerful piece calling on evangelicals to reject “the lesser of two evils” approach to candidates who are sex abusers but are also anti-abortion: Catholics could use this lesson too.

5. Power corrupts and contributes to creating celebrity (and any powerful person) sex abusers:

6. The Supreme Court decides not to hear a case that seeks to re-define “sex” in federal anti-discrimination laws to really mean “sexual orientation”:

7. Yours truly is quoted in a piece about the “Silence Breakers” and how important it is for victims of abuse to come forward:

Varia — December 11, 2017

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