Varia — December 4, 2017

1. CDC issues a report that shows that NYC continues to be the abortion capital of America – one-third of pregnancies ends in abortion: And our Governor and the Dem Party think that abortion access needs to be expanded in our state. Madness.

2. Excellent short version of an important law journal article about religious exemptions and the need to treat them in the same way as we treat other speech-based exemptions from the law: Never fear, it’s legal content but very accessible to normal people.

3. A bill advances in the House that would eliminate FEMA’s discriminatory and unconstitutional ban on disaster relief aid to religious organizations:

4. Just when you thought that “bioethicists” had reached the bottom of the moral mine shaft, they continue to dig deeper – one is now justifying necrophilia:

5. On the importance and difficulty of prudence in the diplomatic affairs of the Holy See:

6. The Holy Father has some strong words about the irrationality of nuclear weapons:

Varia — December 4, 2017

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