Varia — November 30, 2017

1. A crucial religious liberty case – the Masterpiece Cakes case – will be argued before the Supreme Court on Tuesday. Here are some previews of what’s going on: and Please pray!!

2. Sherif Gergis provides the best arguments in favor of the cake-maker:

3. Archbishop Lori on the state of religious liberty as the Supreme Court case looms:

4. On the impossible dilemma facing papal diplomacy in Burma/Myanmar:

5. The deceptive “fact-check” of one of comments by a candidate’s wife about abortion is actually very revealing about the self-deception of pro-abortion folks: Still no reason to support the loathsome candidate, but another useful illustration of how sin makes you stupid.

6. One of the last pro-life Dems in Congress is facing a potentially tough re-election challenge: Pro-life Dems are a seriously endangered species, and extinction would be a disaster.

Varia — November 30, 2017

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