Varia — November 29, 2017

1. If the Dems reunify in the State Senate, it will be very, very, very bad news for all the causes that we hold sacred – they are particularly committed to abortion expansion:

2. There’s good news in the CDC report on the declining number of abortions:

3. What times we live in — a WaPo opinion writer actually wonders if society should reconsider elevating sexual activity to be the paramount value because of all the negative effects it’s had: All together now: Told You So!

4. Deconstructing the recent absurdly biased Times hit piece on Alliance Defending Freedom, which has the temerity to defend life and religious liberty:

5. Irish people joined across their nation in praying the Rosary for the pro-life cause:

6. Sometimes, satire is truthier than reality:

Varia — November 29, 2017

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