Varia — November 27, 2017

1. Texas’s ban on dismemberment abortions is ruled unconstitutional: A body of law that fails to protect human beings from the cruel torture of vivisection – a practice once universally condemned as a crime against humanity — is uncivilized and unworthy of respect or obedience.

2. My blog on that awful ruling and its significance in light of the feast of Christ the King:

3. Canadian doctors are abandoning suicidal patients who can be saved: Assisted suicide corrupts everything it touches and cannot be contained.

4. Kathryn Jean Lopez on the ongoing suffering of our Christian brethren in the Middle East:

5. A fascinating study of what happens when girls wear revealing clothing and submit themselves to self-objectification: All of which is to say that modesty is a good thing. Duh.

6. Viva Cristo Rey!

Varia — November 27, 2017

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