Varia — November 22, 2017

1. The Holy Father again denounces “ideological colonization” and abortion in his usual blunt way: Key quote: “There is a need to discern ‘the new things’: Is this new thing from the Lord, does it come from the Holy Spirit, is it rooted in God? Or does this newness come from a perverse root? But before, [for example] yes, it was a sin to kill children; but today it is not a problem, it is a perverse novelty.”

2. USCCB Migration Committee Chair speaks out about the Administration’s unjust decision to terminate temporary protected status for Haitian refugees: Contact our government about this:

3. The Little Sisters of the Poor are back in court, this time to defend the new religious liberty exemption that’s being challenged by liberal Attorneys General (including our own): and

4. The ongoing cruelty of the war in Yemen, supported by our government:

5. A valuable warning against putting all the pro-life political eggs in the basket of judicial nominations:

6. The disastrous sexual revolution continues to dig itself (and us) deeper and deeper in lies and misery:

7. Happy Thanksgiving all!

Varia — November 22, 2017

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