Varia — November 27, 2017

1. Irish pro-lifers are battling a rigged system as they try to defend their constitutional protection for unborn children: and

2. Cardinal Wuerl on the effort to silence voices of faith in the public square:

3. And, not coincidentally, how the ACLU (and many others on the left who claim to defend civil rights) lost their way when it comes to religious freedom:

4. The children’s health insurance program wasn’t the only pro-life initiative that Congress allowed to expire – a program that funds home visits to at-risk families and pregnant moms also died of inaction:

5. Why is our nation supporting a manifestly illegal and cruel war in Yemen that is causing famine and epidemics, and killing thousands of innocent civilians: and and Pro-life members of Congress? Hello?

6. The Holy Father’s homily for the World Day of the Poor:

7. The chainsaw nun was honored by the Miami Heat basketball team: Can’t get enough of chainsaw nuns. We need more vocations.

Varia — November 27, 2017

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