Varia — November 16, 2017

1. The thought police have racked up another victim, this time a teacher in the UK who is being disciplined for having "misgendered" a student — he had the nerve to call a girl a girl, regardless of her sadly deluded re-definition as a purported boy:

2. Ugly anti-human environmentalists discredit the cause of preserving our earthly inheritance, in order to promote the evil cause of coercive population control:

3. The Administration misses the legal deadline to issue a key report on international religious liberty:

4. Fordham Law School continues to make it laughably easy to spot instances of their total cluelessness about what Catholic identity (and quality legal reasoning) really means: Hard to believe, sad to see.

5. The Babylon Bee continues to be the gold standard for religious satire:

Varia — November 16, 2017

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