Varia — November 14, 2017

1. Archbishop Naumann is elected to succeed Cardinal Dolan as Chair of the USCCB Pro-Life Committee: All sorts of tea leaves being read on this election, but the net result is the continuation of strong leadership on the Committee.

2. A courageous Irish pro-lifer speaks out about her persecution by pro-abortion advocates and the need to proclaim the pro-life message with confidence:

3. The special USCCB committee on racism is up and running:

4. There were rumblings that assisted suicide advocates would get an initiative on the ballot in South Dakota, but they failed to get enough signatures to qualify: Another notable loss, putting the lie to their claim to be the wave of the future.

5. People in the media are shocked, shocked that there has been sexualization of young girls going on here:

6. Nice profile of the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal:

Varia — November 14, 2017

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