Varia — November 8, 2017

1. Prof. Charles Camosy on the need to retain the adoption tax credit:

2. Pro-life groups urge the GOP to retain the adoption tax credit, and they are feeling the heat: and Shamefully, the GOP defeated an amendment in committee that would have restored it.

3. Never mind about that Catholic identity thing. The University of Notre Dame has reversed itself, and will continue to cover free contraception in its health insurance plans:

4. The Times grudgingly explains why the unborn child was counted as a victim in Texas, but wouldn’t be counted in other states (like NY) that don’t have an Unborn Victims of Violence Act:

5. When human life is treated like a commodity, this is what results — "Human embryos are treated as ‘objects’ that can be declared ‘less good’ and left to perish":

6. Challenges move forward againts FEMA’s unconstitutional ban on disaster recovery aid to religious organizations:

7. The Holy Father really, really doesn’t like people taking photos during Mass:

Varia — November 8, 2017

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