Varia — November 3, 2017

1. Cardinal Wuerl issues a powerful pastoral letter condemning racism as incompatible with God’s will and with basic human dignity: Add in that it’s false and irrational as well.

2. Pro-abortion thugs in the UK shout down pro-life advocates who were defending Ireland’s constitutional amendment protecting unborn children:

3. The EU continues to try to silence pro-life dissenters:

4. The clear effects of the encroaching Culture of Death – 10% of Canadian pediatricians have had conversations with parents of terminally ill children about euthanasia or assisted suicide, and half of the pediatricians think it should be legalized:

5. The GOP tax bill contains a provision that would permit partisan politics by religious organizations: Here’s an old blog of mine explaining why I think that’s a terrible idea:

6. The bill would also eliminate the adoption tax credit: Pro-life party? Hello?

Varia — November 3, 2017

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