Varia — November 2, 2017

1. Blogged on the need to develop corporate cultures dedicated to child protection, contrasting what we have done in the Church with what goes on in Hollywood:

2. The egregious exploitation that is inherent in surrogate parenting is made crystal clear by the unconscionably terms of typical surrogacy contracts, which dehumanize and treat a “gestational carrier” as if she were a lab animal:

3. Notre Dame University will end its insurance coverage for contraception:

4. Well, there’s a shocker – former Times legal reporter who was an unabashed abortion cheerleader admits that she was a long-time donor to the Temple of Moloch while she was a reporter:

5. Meanwhile, a serial killer, er, I mean abortion doctor, feels sad because people judge her and she can’t get a second date once she tells people what she does for a living:

6. Darn, I missed the Reformation Day indulgence sale:

7. Seriously, especially on All Souls Day we need to talk much more about indulgences, which are a beautiful part of Church teaching and a wonderful gift of grace:

Varia — November 2, 2017

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