Varia — October 31, 2017

1. The Congressional testimony of a man with Down Syndrome highlights that every life is worth living, and that public policy should be devoted to helping those with disabilities and not exterminating them as they are doing in Europe: Video of his compelling testimony:

2. In Canada, abortion advocates are trying to suppress pro-life speech through an expansive “bubble zone” law that would ban virtually any pro-life public witness:

3. A perfect example of why so many pro-life lawyers are not members of the ABA – it’s really a political advocacy organization for liberal causes, as evidenced by their biased ratings of judicial qualifications that are totally beholden to abortion orthodoxy:

4. Faithful people in the health professions are under constant pressure to conform. The latest example to become public:

5. Yet another horror story of the exploitive nature of surrogate parenting:

6. Pro-lifers need to remember that we have many allies who are not religious, and who rely on purely secular arguments to support their positions:

7. Msgr. Pope on the virtue of mirth: You have to watch the first video, it’s hilarious.

Varia — October 31, 2017

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