Varia — October 30, 2017

1. The Supreme Court is considering whether to take an important religious liberty/free speech case arising from a California law that compels pro-abortion advertisements from pregnancy centers:

2. Sadly, Justice Ginsburg says that she’ll hold on to her lifetime appointment as a Black-Robed Platonic Guardian Ruler from the Bench, er, I mean her Supreme Court seat, as long as possible: The Jeremy Bentham solution may be an option:

3. Wesley Smith on the modern consumerist and eugenic mentality behind assisted reproductive technologies:

4. From an unlikely source, a perceptive article about why young women are turning away from hormonal contraceptives – including the serious increased risk of depression: One alternative they’re turning to is – amazingly enough – a version of natural family planning.

5. The Holy Father offers a Catholic view of the person and community to a conference on the future of Europe:

Varia — October 30, 2017

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