Varia — October 23, 2017

1. The Holy Father denounces “the eugenic tendency” that lies behind the killing of disabled people through abortion:

2. Yet another cautionary tale about the dangers of mis-diagnosis in a world of assisted suicide:

3. There can no longer be any doubt there remains even a vestige of Catholic identity at Georgetown – a group that explains and defends the Church’s teaching on marriage is being accused of hatred and intolerance, and may be punished by the school: This is the take-away: for the forces of “tolerance” and their quisling fellow-travelers, Catholic doctrine equals hatred.

4. Presumably our Muslim friends are thinking similar thoughts to ours — in the UK a court has ruled that sex-segregated classes, which are required by their religious beliefs, are illegal:

5. The Times editorial board isn’t always wrong – they’re right to question why we have soldiers in virtually every country in the world, what they are doing there, and why we’re fighting so many wars that seem destined to last forever: Congress? Article One, Section Eight?

Varia — October 23, 2017

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