Varia — October 16, 2017

1. HHS puts a small reference in their strategic plan that human life begins at conception and Dems go bananas, forgetting that they once believed that until abortion ideology captured them:

2. Apropos of the Holy Father’s recent teaching about capital punishment, we have yet another innocent man released from death row:

3. The tragic limbo existence of human beings frozen at the embryonic stage of their development, abandoned by their parents and society:

4. Actual doctors once again pointing out the lack of any scientific or medical foundation for “transgender therapies”: Lies can never be good medicine or science.

5. A new study shows that Christians are suffering the worst period of persecution in history:

6. Msgr. Pope reminds us that faith isn’t just about feeling good, but involves obeying the will of God:

Varia — October 16, 2017

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