Varia — October 2, 2017

1. I blogged about the horror of sexual exploitation and the disordered desires that demand it:

2. The insatiable death-cult of the euthanasia fanatics is coming for those with depression: This is why we can never give an inch on assisted suicide — they will never accept any limits.

3. Richard Doerflinger gives a round of applause to our court victory over assisted suicide:

4. When will our government stop discriminating against churches in disaster relief:

5. David Mills makes an excellent point about how we should be discussing opposing viewpoints in the Church:

6. The phony quislings with the fake letterhead Astroturf organization “Catholics for Choice” are at it again:

7. Have you thanked your Guardian Angel today for all his hard work?

Varia — October 2, 2017

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