Varia — Spetember 29, 2017

1. Wesley Smith on the campaign to normalize euthanasia for Alzheimer’s patients:

2. There is a well-funded international cabal that is pushing Ireland to change its constitutional protection of unborn children:

3.The Church in the US is joining with the Holy Father’s "Share the Journey" campaign to promote care for migrants and refugees:

4. The Administration, however, is cutting back even further on refugee admissions:

5. Appalling double standard on human rights — lots of people applaud the Saudis for letting women drive, but nobody seems interested in their on-going war crimes in Yemen(which are being facilitated by American military aid): Either all human rights matter, or none do.

6. St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle:

Varia — Spetember 29, 2017

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