Varia — September 28, 2017

1. Advocates for assisted suicide like to pretend that they have momentum behind them, but it’s illusory – they only have negative momentum:

2. The Times just can’t seem to get enough of anti-Catholic opposition to a Notre Dame law professor who is nominated to a judicial post: and

3. USCCB calls on Congress to elimnate the discrimination against religious organizations in providing disaster relief:

4. The real legacy of the sad life of Hugh Hefner is broken hearts, broken families and exploited and wounded women: Please pray for his soul and for all those who have been harmed by porn.

5. Apropos of that, we see Exhibit 3,498,456,987,245,476 of the failure of the Sexual Revolution to enhance human happiness – “emergency contraception” being dished out from vending machines on college campuses:

Varia — September 28, 2017

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