Varia — September 27, 2017

1. The House is planning to vote on a late-term abortion ban:

2. There is an advantage to letting abortionists talk about their work, because it is guaranteed to display the heartless inhuman cruelty of abortion:

3. Prof. Charles Camosy gives a clear overview of the situation with the Catholic hospital in Belgium that is insisting on doing euthanasia:

4. Pro-lifers in Ireland are defending their constitutional protection of unborn children:

5. They want rivers to be legal persons and thus have rights: Unborn human children, of course, still have no rights that born people are bound to recognize.

6. What does it take to make a conviction stick against one of our appalling sleazy corrupt lawmakers: The only answer is term limits. Or public execution. Preferably the former.

Varia — September 27, 2017

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