Varia — September 13, 2017

1. Allegedly Catholic psychiatric homes in Belgium will continue to offer euthanasia, in direct disobedience of the Holy Father:

2. An observer in France asks some very tough questions about how Catholics should think about immigration:

3. A complaint is filed with HHS, asking them to protect the conscience rights of doctors who do not want to promote abortion: These laws are already on the books but the previous Administration refused to enforce them.

4. The dangers of women having at-home abortions once again put the lie to the claim that it’s all about women’s health:

4. Zealots at the UN are trying to create an international human right to abortion:

5. The Administration is looking to cut refugee admissions even further:

6. Meanwhile, Bishop Mansour of the Maronites calls for the US to do more to help Christians in the Middle East:

Varia — September 13, 2017

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