Varia — August 30, 2017

1. The systematic killing of Down Syndrome babies is a symptom of the revival of eugenics under a new guise:

2. A coalition of Evangelicals issues a statement re-affirming the Biblical teaching on sexuality (a statement that Catholics could likely sign as well): If you want a glimpse through the mirror to see what the heterodox response is, check out this collection of heretical nonsense:

3. Parents whose children are being indoctrinated in gender ideology in their public schools really need to start considering their options (which are appallingly limited):

4. A religious sister in Italy works with human trafficking victims:

5. Archbishop Gomez of LA continues to lead the call for authentic immigration reform:

6. This is awesome – but you better be sure she’s going to say “yes”:

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Varia — August 30, 2017

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