Varia — August 28, 2017

1. Blogged on the iconoclasm that now threatens the statue and legacy of Christopher Columbus:

2. Crazy California is advancing a bill that would impose criminal penalties – up to a year in jail! — on health workers who fail to act according to a patient’s gender delusion: Even California first graders are being pressured into conforming to gender ideology delusions:

3. Scientific American tries to give a scientific imprimatur to gender ideology – and utterly fails:

4. The Holy Father receives a group of Catholic legislators from around the world, exhorts them to rely on Church teaching to build a more human and just society:

5. Evangelical ministry files a defamation lawsuit against the SPLC for its “hate group” calumny:

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7. And don’t forget to pray for Texans! You might also consider donating to Catholic Charities ( or the Red Cross (

Varia — August 28, 2017

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