Varia — August 24, 2017

1. Did I mention that we now have a Facebook page for the Public Policy Office (thanks to my sidekick Alexis Carra – these young kids know all the tricks). We’ll post my blog and other articles of interest. Please “Like” and “Share” it:

2. Bishop Barron’s beautiful reflection on America’s original sin of slavery:

3. The awful irony of Planned Parenthood, the most prolific killers of African Americans, denouncing racism: and

4. Ten terrible “pro-choice” arguments:

5. You knew it was coming — they’re after Christopher Columbus statues: Fr. Rutler’s inimitable take on the modern iconoclasm:

6. So why is the Administration still opposing religious liberty in court:

7. A priest who was once a KKK member speaks about his past and his conversion:

Varia — August 24, 2017

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