Varia — August 23, 2017

1. We now have a Facebook page for the Public Policy Office, where we’ll post my blog and other articles of interest. Please “Like” and “Share” it: Thanks to my sidekick Alexis Carra for doing all the work!

2. USCCB has established a new committee on racism:

3. An overview of the Church’s history in the fight against racism:

4. George Weigel reminds us that we are still in a culture war between life and death:

5. Provocative argument that we don’t need the president to be a moral leader: I would just point out that we already have a Messiah, and he doesn’t live on Pennsylvania Avenue.

6. New report on international religious freedom shows how fragile this basic human right is: Access the full report here:

Varia — August 23, 2017

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