Varia — August 22, 2017

1. The “alt-right” is not just racist, anti-Semitic and anti-American, they’re just as pro-abortion and pro-eugenics as the “pro-choice” crowd: Ugliness and evil from top to bottom, thorough and complete.

2. The Canadian PM apparently thinks the death cult in Canada is so great that he wants Ireland to join:

3. Perhaps this is what he wants to bring to Ireland – the horrific track record of the largest abortionist organization in the UK:

4. Arkansas’ ban on funding to the Temple of Moloch is upheld in court:

5. Prof. Charlie Camosy on why those pro-life Dems continue to hang around and bedevil the pro-abortion fanatics who dominate their party (hint – it’s because most Americans and huge numbers of Dems are actually pro-life):

6. Salve Regina!

Varia — August 22, 2017

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