Varia — August 8, 2017

1. If assisted suicide is legalized, will we be able to trust doctors to treat us or just to kill us:

2. The Holy Father speaks plainly about gender ideology: Meanwhile, the gender ideologues (at Google and elsewhere) may kick and scream, but the science is clear that men and women are fundamentally, innately different on biological, behavioral and cognitive levels:

3. An important insight from Abby Johnson – you can’t help women choose life by screaming at them:

4. Pro-abortion fanatics launch yet another deceptive effort to discredit pregnancy centers:

5. Interesting analysis of the split within the Dem Party over abortion:

6. Scientists confirm what everyone already knew to be true – intercessory prayer for your spouse is good for your marriage: And they can’t imagine how it works.

7. This is the conference for me:

Varia — August 8, 2017

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