Varia — August 1, 2017

1. The fanatics of the Cult of Moloch bring the Dem Party to heel again, lest they dare suggest that maybe there’s a political benefit to having some pro-life candidates:

2. The evidence of corporate hypocrisy is vast and unending, but this one is particularly galling – Apple, which routinely denounces any defense of the authentic nature of the human person as male and female, is colluding with a brutally repressive regime to suppress freedom of thought:

3. Casting a skeptical eye on the common claim that access to contraceptives is the cause of a decline of teen pregnancy:

4. The development of artificial wombs is showing the true anti-life colors of the pro-abortion movement:

5. Priests really are superheroes:

6. Charlie Gard, please pray for all babies at risk of euthanasia:

Varia — August 1, 2017

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