Varia — July 27, 2017

1. Blogged about the role of beauty in evangelization, based on my experience at the Convocation of Catholic Leaders (and including a plug for my pal Chris Mueller):

2. An Iraqi Archbishop writes of the plight of his flock: Meanwhile, a federal judge blocks the deportation of 1,400 Iraqi’s, including many Chaldean Christians:

3. Pro-lifers should listen to our bishops when they express grave concerns about cuts to Medicaid. Here’s a big reason why: Astounding that almost half of births in America are covered by Medicaid:

4. The legacy of divorce can last for a lifetime:

5. Good process can produce good legislation; bad process cannot:

6. Legalizing assisted suicide produces a callous pro-death attitude very easily, and the most vulnerable are at risk:

7. The Brave New World is getting closer and closer, if it’s not already here:

Varia — July 27, 2017

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