Varia — February 17, 2012

1. The Sisters of Life present a powerful statement on the HHS mandate, focusing on how it will coerce them to violate their vows:

2. This is an amazing demonstration of catholicity — every single diocesan bishop in the United States, and, remember, every Orthodox bishop, has condemned the HHS mandate.

3. A number of religious leaders testify in Congress in favor of a conscience protection amendment: Unfortunately, it has been stalled by the leadership:

4. The Unspeakable Former Speaker speaks more hostility towards her Church, saying that the self-insuring Archdiocese of Washington should be required to pay for contraception, sterilization, etc. Doesn’t she reside under the canonical jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Washington?

5. There is some hope for religious liberty, as a court in New York (!) permits churches to continue to hold religious services in public schools

6. In a beautiful tribute to America and Latino Catholics, the Holy Father has decided that Archbishop Dolan’s titular church Rome will be Our Lady of Guadalupe: Here is his address to the Holy Father and the College of Cardinals on the New Evangelization:

7. The world is returning to its normal orbit — pitchers and catchers report on Monday. Sadly, one of the genuine good guys, Gary Carter, will not be with them. Please pray for the repose of his soul and the consolation of his loved ones.

Varia — February 17, 2012

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