Varia — September 3, 2015

1. Kathryn Lopez on mercy and abortion: Follow the link to a forum where pro-life leaders gave their thoughts:

2. K-Lo was nice enough to ask me to contribute to the forum, so I expanded on my piece and put it on my blog:

3. The human side of the migration crisis in Europe, captured in deeply tragic photos:

4. A Catholic economics professor on why the Pope doesn’t care much about economics: He’s got a larger agenda.

5. The New York Court of Appeals has declined to hear a case in which animal rights people were trying to have chimps recognized as persons under the law:

6. A snapshot of what American Catholics think about families, marriage, sexuality, sin, etc: We have been counter-evangelized by the culture.

7. Why smart politicians say dumb things to get elected: Know thy audience.

Varia — September 3, 2015

Varia — September 1, 2015

1. Kathryn Jean Lopez on the protests against Planned Parenthood and the witness of Project Rachel:

2. The European Court of Human Rights, albeit for an incoherent reason, upholds Italy’s ban on the donation of embryos for scientific research:

3. The county clerk in Kentucky loses her appeal to the Supreme Court (, but still refuses to issue marriage licenses (

4. A sadly amusing lesson on how the manipulation of democracy works, until they flub the cheat and it doesn’t:

5. This is really awesome — the Holy Father did a "virtual audience" with some Americans in anticipation of his visit:

6. Today is the first day of Prayer for Care of Creation: Oremus.

Varia — September 1, 2015

Varia — August 31, 2015

1. The Holy Father continues to be the only world leader to speak out against the persecution of Christians: Anyone home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or Foggy Bottom?

2. An interview with an Iraqi archbishop speaks about the genocide:

3. More information on the timely upcoming beatification that the Holy Father was referring to:

4. On the other hand, prominent Muslims in Lebanon issue a statement defending the religious freedom of Christians:

5. The Cult of Thanatos continues to push for radical pro-euthanasia and pro-assisted suicide bills:

6. An overview of the complicated case in Kentucky where a county clerk refuses to issue any marriage licenses due to her religious opposition to same-sex "marriages":

7. Scientists have created a possible image of what St. Rose of Lima actually looked like: The beauty of sanctity.

Varia — August 31, 2015

Varia — August 25, 2015

1. What will it take to get the American media to focus on the persecution of Christians by ISIS?

2. It’s all about women’s health, right? That’s why Planned Parenthood employs unlicensed doctors with a litany of complaints against them: No back alley to see here, move along now.

3. Some of the Temple of Moloch’s fellow worshippers showed up at the demonstrations on Saturday:

4. A Catholic hospital, quaking in fear of a lawsuit, agrees to allow a sterilization to take place in their facility: This is why we pray for courage.

5. Msgr. Charles Pope reflects on the revelation of the wrath of God:

6. To close on a lighter note, who’s that guy in the white suit in the front row? Make sure you pass the collection basket to him:

Varia — August 25, 2015

Varia — August 17, 2015

1. The WaPo actually fact-checks Planned Parenthood’s bogus claims about the extent of their abortion business:

2. Another baker is coerced into cooperating with a same-sex "wedding":

3. Just in case anyone doubts the work of the Evil One in this world, consider this deeply disturbing and depressing story about the rape and sex slavery culture of ISIS: And the article doesn’t even really touch on the parallel cruelty by ISIS to Christians.

4. A California judge has rejected an attempt to legalize assisted suicide:

5. Meanwhile, the former Archbishop of Canterbury (C of E, thankfully, not ours) has decided that the Fifth Commandment no longer applies to Great Britain: Considering that he’s a member of a religious community whose founder repealed the Sixth Commandment, this should come as no surprise.

6. Our nation really needs to start thinking very seriously about reforming our broken criminal justice system:

Varia — August 17, 2015

Varia — August 13, 2015

1. The New Mexico Court of Appeals has reversed a lower court opinion that would have legalized assisted suicide:

2. More ugliness from the Planned Parenthood videos:

3. The Administration has Planned Parenthood’s back, is threatening states that are thinking of defunding them:

4. The marriage-redefinition crowd really is beyond parody, as well as beyond common sense and rationality, as seen in this piece (by a law and ethics professor at a real-live university!): Don’t waste your time reading it, the headline says it all.

5. And so, in Switzerland, if a bishop quotes scripture about homosexuality, get a criminal complaint filed against you: And if you volunteer as a chaplain in a Kentucky juvenile prison, you can’t talk about homosexual behavior as a sin:

6. Shut up, bigot — the new motto of liberal tolerance:

Varia — August 13, 2015

Varia — August 11, 2015

1. A Black-Robed Platonic Guardian Ruler on the Court has struck down an Oklahoma law restricting the use of abortion drugs:

2. Ohio’s Board of Professional Conduct rules that judges must comply with the new orthodoxy on marriage, with no way out for those who dissent:

3. The IRS assures us that they would never dream of using tax exempt rulings to enforce the new orthodoxy on marriage: And we know that politics has never, ever influenced an IRS decision, right?

4. Since there’s no lower limit to their lack of morals and good sense, Planned Parenthood also rewards people who’ve had irresponsible sex by paying them to join a study and win prizes:

5. Um, what?

6. Just in case you thought you could trust the accuracy of everything you read in the newspapers:

7. St. Claire, pray for us!

Varia — August 11, 2015