Varia — May 25, 2018

1. Ireland is voting today on the repeal of their constitutional protection of unborn human beings. If passed, the repeal will have far-reaching consequences beyond abortion:

2. Just in case anyone still believes that Amnesty International actually supports human rights for all:

3. Another miracle of pre-natal medicine once again exposes the irrationality of those who think an unborn child is just a non-person potential life blob of tissue right to privacy woman’s choice:

4. And just in case anyone still believes that the Democratic Party still respects religious freedom for those who dissent from the new sexual orthodoxy:

5. A pregnancy center strikes back against the campaign of lies:

6. The Holy Father on homosexuality:

7. The pro-life pope:

Varia — May 25, 2018

Varia — May 24, 2018

1. A California appeals court upheld the lower court’s rejection of their assisted suicide law:

2. Just look north to see what legalization of assisted suicide will bring – Quebec shows a huge increase in death by doctor: Note also the significant reporting problems, including refusals by doctors to submit information.

3. And a CDF document on end-of-life issues may be in the works:

4. Gender ideology is now dividing mainline Christian churches, and taking them away from orthodoxy: Maybe the CDF could take a look at this next?

5. The evil regime in China can’t abide the statue of a martyr:

6. Rats, the end of the world happened on April 23rd and I missed it:

7. Pray for Ireland!

Varia — May 24, 2018

Varia — Mary 23, 2018

1. I blogged on the terrible anti-Muslim comments generated by a religious freedom ad on our Facebook page, and the need to fight for religious freedom for everyone:

2. Interesting story about how the Susan B Anthony List went from skepticism to full-out support for the President:

3. Cardinal Mueller calls out the totalitarianism of gender ideology:

4. Another vicious assault kills an unborn baby, but thanks to NY’s outmoded laws, it can be done with impunity: The consistency with our wide-open abortion law is obvious.

5. Cardinal Dolan offers some words of wisdom and charity, but also asks for clarification:

6. The political divide in America is creating a two-party system where one is religious and the other not:

Varia — Mary 23, 2018

Varia — May 22, 2018

1. Thanks to NY’s antiquated law, people who inflict violence on unborn children can’t be prosecuted: Just in case anyone needs a reminder of why that law is needed:

2. A former hospice administrator admits to murder for profit:

3. More distorted statistical studies about abortion around the world from the Guttmacher Institute:

4. Lots of newly registered voters and narrowing polls mean that the Irish abortion referendum will be a real nail-biter: Please pray for Ireland!

5. Meanwhile, millions of Argentines oppose legalizing abortion:

6. The forces of tolerance, gender ideology division, are pushing the legal profession into becoming the language police:

7. Some very wise counsel from JD Flynn on the difficulty of answering the question of why we suffer, even when you’re the Pope:

Varia — May 22, 2018

Varia — May 21, 2018

1. Nice profile of the dedicated Irish pro-lifers who are fighting to preserve their constitutional protection of unborn children: Pray for Ireland!

2. The pro-life movement needs to emphasize adoption and foster care much more:

3. Amazing that a major news outlet is actually reporting on a new study that shows that women who have had abortions face an increased risk of mental health problems:

4. China may finally end its evil two-child policy:

5. Once again, proof that sin is infectious and corrupts everything it touches – Swiss euthanasia clinic head is accused of financial exploitation:

6. Next tool in the pro-life argument – 3d prints of your unborn child:

Varia — May 21, 2018

Varia — May 18, 2018

1. Blogged about the latest attack on religious liberty, this one in Philadelphia:

2. The Administration announces plans to issue regulations that would ban federal contraception funding from organizations that also host abortion clinics (ahem, Planned Parenthood): Starving the beast. Good job.

3. Important new document from the Holy See on the world economy. Here are two summaries: and Full document here:

4. Church leaders speak out about the violence in Israel:

5. The Holy Father calls for peace:

6. One hundred twenty-two years ago today the Supreme Court blew a gigantic hole through the Fourteenth Amendment by upholding “separate but equal” segregation, laying the legal foundation for Jim Crow: It took sixty years to correct this injustice. The clock is still ticking on Roe v. Wade, but we never give up hope and hard work.

Varia — May 18, 2018

Varia — May 17, 2018

1. Philadelphia refuses to place children through a Catholic foster care agency – even though there’s a desperate need for placements — solely because of their intolerance of Catholic religious beliefs about same-sex “marriage”:

2. The courts, at the urging of the Administration (thanks!) continue to pound nails into the coffin of the HHS Mandate:

3. US birthrates continue to drop precipitously:

4. The Church in Ireland is asking for prayers for the defeat of the referendum to repeal their pro-life constitutional amendment:

5. The Frassati Fellowship is sponsoring a prayer vigil here in NYC the night before the referendum:

6. We need to pray for our friends in the Methodist Church, whose bishops have endorsed a plan to remove the immemorial teaching of the Church on human sexuality from their Book of Discipline, and thus to make orthodoxy optional: This calls to mind Neuhaus’ Law – when orthodoxy becomes optional, it eventually becomes forbidden.

7. On this day in 1954, the Supreme Court righted an old wrong and ruled that “separate but equal” was a violation of the Constitution: Bravo.

Varia — May 17, 2018