Varia — August 16, 2018

1. Massive, heavy millstones are in order for the evil and incompetent people who did this to Christ’s Bride and His little ones:

2. The State of Colorado has renewed its anti-Christian harassment of Masterpiece Cakeshop:

3. A school guidance counselor is shocked, shocked that a Catholic school actually frowns upon her same-sex "marriage":

4. Anyone expecting anything like wisdom from the former First Daughter is on a fool’s errand, but her morally monstrous, intellectually vacant, and shallow utilitarian explanation of why abortion is a good thing is so far beyond the pale it is mind-boggling:

5. An interesting religious liberty case challenges gender madness — how can a woman who looks like a woman and is built like a woman actually be considered a man:

6. A study of the disturbing phenomenon of how "transgenderism" spreads like a contagion in social groups:

7. Another lawsuit attempts to get a court to recognize an animal as a “person” who has standing to sue: Unless he’s Mr. Ed, the deposition of the horse won’t be very productive.

Varia — August 16, 2018

Varia — August 14, 2018

1. My blog on how the Governor just gets more and more extreme in his abortion advocacy:

2. Our Southern Baptist allies stand with the religious liberties of Catholic child care agencies:

3. Meanwhile, the Dem party continues its purge of pro-lifers:

4. The US Department of Labor grants greater leeway for religious freedom defenses against employment discrimination cases against federal contractors:

5. Nebraska is about to execute a man who has been in prison for twenty-eight years, using a drug that is at the heart of the opioid scourge, and all anyone cares about is where they got the drug from:

6. St. Maximilian Kolbe, pray for us:

Varia — August 14, 2018

Varia — August 13, 2018

1. Debunking the argument made by assisted suicide advocates that it is different from other kinds of suicides:

2. Chesterton said that it’s the first effect of not believing in God that you lose your common sense:

3. But that "church" will undoubtedly be kicked off college campuses as being insufficiently inclusive:

4. The FDA has approved a fertility monitoring app that can be used for Natural Family Planning:

5. For persecuted Iraqi Christians returning to their shattered homes, the hardest thing to recapture is trusting their government and neighbors:

Varia — August 13, 2018

Varia — August 10, 2018

1. Major victory for life in Argentina, where their Senate rejected a bill to legalize abortion:

2. The Times has joined the attack on Catholic hospitals:

3. The most serious threats to religious liberty for health care workers comes from within their own professions:

4. Even as the attitudes of Americans about porn continue to get worse, as do its effects on marriage:

5. A useful glimpse at how the other side is viewing the potential for a post-Roe world:

Varia — August 10, 2018

Varia — August 8, 2018

1. National Review Online posted my article on the change in the Catechism on the death penalty:

2. The Governor continues to push for abortion, this time using state money and a website to promote abortion as a legitimate “choice” for a pregnant woman:

3. A Canadian man asks for more treatment, is instead told to go away and kill himself:

4. And in California, the legislature is moving a bill that would legalize encouraging people to commit suicide:

5. Interesting and useful new study on why people go – and don’t go – to Church: What a shock – the main reason people go to Church is to get closer to God.

6. One big Catholic family, all shown in one chart:

Varia — August 8, 2018

Varia — August 7, 2018

1. An analysis of Judge Kavanagh’s rulings on religion, with the conclusion that he probably would not differ much from Justice Kennedy:

2. On the step-by-step collapse of legal protection for religious freedom:

3. Joe Biden’s foundation launches a campaign to encourage families to accept "LGBTQ" children:

4. The Prime Minister of Ireland will lobby the Pope to accept same-sex families at the World Meeting of Families: Funny how that "separation of church and state" thing only seems to run one way.

5. Interesting graphic displays of how many Americans rely on government payments or programs:

Varia — August 7, 2018

Varia — August 6, 2018

1. My blog explaining the new language of the Catechism on the death penalty:

2. Sometimes the Governor’s hypocrisy reaches a scale that it can actually be seen from outer space:

3. Ah, the US media… This WaPo article has the headline precisely backwards — on the death penalty it’s the US flock that diverges from the Pope, not vice versa:

4. In preparation for the election, Murder Incorporated issues its platform of death:

5. The Affordable Care Act’s requirement that everyone pay for abortion is still on the books:

6. A leading Irish pro-lifer reflects back on their unsuccessful campaign to save their constitutional protection of unborn people:

7. The Chinese government continues its persecution of the Church by demolishing churches:

Varia — August 6, 2018