Varia — August 25, 2016

1. Blogged on the government’s unrelenting war on religious liberty:

2. Meanwhile, the Administration continues to drag its feet in settling the HHS mandate litigation, and is still trying to force the religious organizations to cover objectionable services: What does law and justice matter, when you have ideology?

3. Hostility to the Church is not exclusive to the current Administration:

4. Claressa Shields, awesome Olympic champion boxer, saves her cousin’s baby from abortion:

Varia — August 25, 2016

Varia — August 24, 2016

1. Important new lawsuit filed to challenge the latest mandate from HHS, which would require doctor and hospitals to do gender reassignment surgery:

2. A website with more information on the new mandate:

3. Just in case anyone is still wondering if the forces of tolerance will be tolerant to those of us who maintain our beliefs about sexuality, we have been warned: will give no quarter.

4. Prof. Charles Camosy explains the crucial difference between climate change and population control:

5. Please pray for Italy, hit by a terrible earthquake:

Varia — August 24, 2016

Varia — August 23, 2016

1. Summary of the very important findings of a new study of sexuality and gender, which demolishes many of the prevalent myths (e.g., “born that way”):

2. Ryan Anderson’s commentary on the study:

3. A federal court in Texas enjoins the Administration’s lawless gender guidance (the infamous bathroom rules): .

4. The Holy Father’s outspoken criticism of gender ideology has encouraged more bishops to follow suit:

5. Suicide advocates are never satisfied, and inevitably seek to expand, expand, expand, including to “mature minors”:

Varia — August 23, 2016

Varia — August 22, 2016

1. If you want a sense of what the Holy Father is talking about when he speaks of "ideological colonialism", you can just look at what pro-abortion fanatics are trying to do to Ireland and elsewhere:

2. Here’s why the abortion industry resists inspections — because they put them out of business:

3. The ghoulishness of suicide tourism in Belgium: Remember, this is what the suicide advocates want — it’s a feature, not a bug.

4. An interesting religious liberty case is approaching the Supreme Court, involving the ability of military personnel to disobey orders on religious grounds:

5. Children suffer the most from war, as shown in these heartbreaking photos: Pray for peace!

6. Queen of Heaven, pray for us!

Varia — August 22, 2016

Varia — August 16, 2016

1. Oh, good gracious, the New York Times really never fails to offer a look into the mind of the absurd:

2. The US government isn’t backing up its words with actions when it comes to religious persecution abroad:—but-do-its-actions-match-99800/

3. Another tragic sign of the culture of death — assisted suicide parties:

4. The AMA Journal publishes an article about "states worse than death", namely disabilities that the authors of the article consider to be characteristic of life not worth living:

5. Bishop Barron on the new Ben-Hur:

6. Yesterday was the anniversary of the day that the former blob of tissue who had no rights that born people were bound to respect, and whom we now know as Justice Stephen Breyer, emerged from the penumbras, umbras, and miasmas of his mother’s right to privacy. He later became famous for having a strong enough stomach and a weak enough conscience that he was able to recite the details of a partial birth abortion in a judicial opinion, and still uphold the unlimited power to kill unborn children in the most barbaric way imaginable. On behalf of the millions of your fellow former unborn babies who are unable to say so themselves — happy birthday, Judge.

7. Great (and probably unintentional) pro-life video from NY Presbyterian Hospital that I first saw during the Olympics:

Varia — August 16, 2016

Varia — August 12, 2016

1. Here is why we can never give up resisting — because sometimes we win small victories:

2. Overview of the legal issues at stake — including facing an ugly anti-Catholic relic — in a very important religious freedom case that will go before the Supreme Court this term: and
3. The Christian Medical and Dental Association issues a strong, clear and balanced statement on transgenderism:

4. An amazing man doing some of the hardest work in God’s sad world — caring for victims of systematic rape in the Congo: (warning: this is tough to read, even for someone like me who has seen much evil)

5. One of our Muslim sisters is showing what the Good Samaritan story is all about:

Varia — August 12, 2016

Varia — August 10, 2016

1. After the recent attack in France, churches are taking terrorist threats more seriously: and

2. The ABA has adopted a speech code for lawyers, and I am afraid that I may be chronically violating it in these emails and my blog posts. Good:

3. The fight over religious freedom in Iowa continues, as the government still insists that it can decide what is a religious activity and what is not:

4. Interesting survey about how often Americans hear about politics and policy issues from the pulpit:

5. The persecution of Christians is not limited to the Middle East:
6. Hey it’s the Pope at the door:

7. God bless all our deacons on the Feast of St. Lawrence!

Varia — August 10, 2016