Varia — October 18, 2016

1. Assisted suicide legislation in DC is seen by many African-Americans as "back-end eugenics": Money quote: “It’s really aimed at old black people. It really is.”

2. Alan Sears of ADF on the alarming state of the law regarding religious liberty:

3. And an overview of the conscience pressures on health care professionals:

4. Archbishop Naumann speaks very bluntly about the Dem VP candidate’s "Cafeteria Catholicism":

5. And, to keep things non-partisan, legal scholars who hold to an originalist interpretation of the Constitution come out against the GOP presidential candidate:

6. Words fail. They really do. The three-eyed skier on a tacky miniskirt.

Varia — October 18, 2016

Varia — October 17, 2016

1. The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals repeals the First Amendment when it comes to the Free Speech rights of pregnancy centers: Vaclav Havel was right on point here – don’t hang up the sign.

2. The Dutch are ready to permit euthanasia for those who feel their life is “complete”: The complete madness of the Culture of Death, in all its sadness.

3. On the importance of the “pronoun wars”:

4. Please join with Assyrian Christians who are praying for protection and stability as the offensive to recapture Mosul from ISIS begins:

5. Yesterday was the anniversary of an event in 1898, when a formless blob of protoplasm that had no rights that a born person was bound to respect emerged from the penumbras, emanations, and miasmas of his mother’s right to privacy, and became the execrable person we know as William O. Douglas, the inventor of the bogus “right to privacy” and a principal conniver whose backstage maneuverings produced Roe v. Wade.

Varia — October 17, 2016

Varia — October 12, 2016

1. In case anyone doubts what kind of people staff a Dem administration, and what they have planned for the Church, consider the recent proof of a conspiracy to create fake front organizations to attack the authority of our bishops:

2. An encouraging view of the upcoming generation of female pro-life leaders:

3. The Council of Europe rejects surrogacy:

4. A profile of Alan Sears and Alliance Defending Freedom:

5. An interfaith group of religious leaders strikes back against the US “Civil Rights” Commission’s outrageous libel of religion:

6. George Weigel on the need to heal our sick political culture:

7. God bless you, Christopher Columbus, for your faith and courage.

Varia — October 12, 2016

Varia — October 11, 2016

1. I blogged on the need for political morality:

2. Another victory for pregnancy centers who are defending against compelled speech laws:

3. Requiescat in Pace, the “Religious Right”:

4. An excellent perspective on Amoris Laetitia and all the ways in which it is being misued:

5. Profile of one of the new cardinals, who stood by his post in Syria: And another, who was a political prisoner for decades:

Varia — October 11, 2016

Varia — October 6, 2016

1. I dissect the nonsensical position of the Dem VP candidate on abortion:

2. Apropos of that, the Hyde Amendment (which the Dem candidates want to eliminate) is estimated to have saved over 2 million lives:

3. There’s more at stake in this election than the White House – important ballot measures around the country:

4. Siblings are damaged by abortion too:

5. The Newspaper of Record continues its record of ignorance about Christianity:

6. The Next Synod of Bishops will focus on young people and fostering vocations:

Varia — October 6, 2016

Varia — October 5, 2016

1. Here’s Planned Parenthood’s favorite VP candidate:

2. It has now become so clear that hormonal contraceptives are bad for women that the media is finally taking notice: How many women have suffered while the media and medical profession have slept?

3. DC is about to vote on legalizing assisted suicide:

4. Our new pals, the Iranians, show their respect for religious liberty for Christians:

5. Our friends the Chinese too:

6. And the Iraqi’s whom we liberated so they can be a liberal democracy too:

7. I’m obliged to hate the Dodgers, but you have to love Vin Scully, a Catholic gentleman:

Varia — October 5, 2016

Varia — October 4, 2016

1. The Commissars of Gender Ideology in Massachusetts are trying to force religious people into re-education camps, on pain of fines and imprisonment:

2. The Holy Father once again speaks very plainly (on the plane, get it?) about the evils of gender theory, but the media must have been jet-lagged and forgot to report it:

3. More judicial incoherence about “transgenderism”:

4. A sad comment on our nation’s descent into lawlessness:

5. Really interesting panel discussion tomorrow night on politics and the pro-life movement (scroll down to the entry for October 5):

6. Join the Holy Father in his October prayer intentions:

Varia — October 4, 2016