Varia — July 31, 2015

1. The Fifth Column within the Church is still trying to overturn irreformable doctrines on sexuality and marriage: Have these guys even read Veritatis Splendor 79-83? Or Isaiah 5:20?

2. Amnesty International really has gone completely crazy, essentially supporting the legalization of sex trafficking:

3. A New York judge has ruled that chimps are not persons entitled to recognition and rights under the law: So many jokes, so little time.

4. Our virtually useless junior Senator jumps to the defense of Planned Parenthood:

5. Given all that has been revealed this last week, we need to lift up in prayer all those suffering from the Culture of Death. Wherever you might be today, at 3 pm, would you consider joining us in a Holy Hour with Eucharistic Exposition for Mercy, Healing & Reparation? More info:

6. Blue Moon tonight:

Varia — July 31, 2015

Varia — July 30, 2015

1. Fr. James Martin warns those who are dabbling with Satanism as a way to troll Christians about religious liberty — you are playing with very, very dangerous fire: Please, people, take seriously our Lord’s warning in Matthew 10:28.

2. The Planned Parenthood exposes get even more stomach-churning: When the PR campaign fails, the Temple of Moloch goes to court to squash freedom of speech:

3. Bishop-elect Robert Barron on what the scandal tells us about our society’s loss of a sense of God, and what that means for human dignity:

4. And this really would be an opportunity for the allegedly pro-life party to actually do something pro-life: Perhaps they’re too busy trying to decide who to bomb next.

5. Guy shoots a lion with a name and the right-thinking world goes ballistic; Planned Parenthood dismembers nameless children and sells their bodies, and the world yawns:

6. Big money foundations are spending big money to undermine religious liberty, to advance gay rights:

7. This is really neat — evidence that there may have been crypto-Catholics among the first English settlers at Jamestown:

Varia — July 30, 2015

Varia — July 28, 2015

1. The push to redefine marriage continues within religious groups: And we’re not immune:

2. On the inherently exploitive nature of the surrogate parenting industry:

3. The legally ambiguous environment in which fetal tissue is trafficked:

4. So much for "morally straight":

5. Australian Catholics are helping to open up a new Catholic university — in Iraq:

Varia — July 28, 2015

Varia — July 23, 2015

1. How the Planned Parenthood videos hold a mirror up to our society, and it’s not a pretty sight:

2. Behold the major corporations who think it’s a good idea to donate to an evil organization that’s killing their future customers:

3. After all the stories are read, and hearings held, there’s still the women and men who grieve, and those who nobly care for them:

4. Interesting poll results, showing a drop in popularity for Pope Francis, mainly due to a decline among Catholics, other Christians, and conservatives:

5. Just watch this video. Just watch it. Thanks for the link, K-Lo, now I’ve got to get a new hanky.

Varia — July 23, 2015

Varia — July 22, 2015

1. A powerful statement of faith and hope — in light of the Planned Parenthood scandal, Bishop Conley (Lincoln, NE) urges us to pray for all those who are in thrall to the Cult of Moloch:

2. More revelations of the repulsive body-snatching ghoulish amoral horrors of the Temple of Moloch:

3. So much for the march of history — new polls show that support for marriage redefinition declined after the Supreme Court’s ukase:

4. Since history continues to march on, of course, the Times is now printing op-ed’s suggesting that the time has come for polygamy: So are we just supposed to forget the marriage redefinition crowd’s insincere denials that polygamy was next?

5. Another interesting variation on religious liberty challenges to the Affordable Care Act’s abortion mandates:

6. Amazing and beautiful uplifting story — and my little friend Angelo is in the video too!

Varia — July 22, 2015

Varia — July 21, 2015

1. Father Robert Barron is now Bishop-Elect Robert Barron!

2. A new front opens up to challenge the HHS mandate — parents who do not want offensive services for their children:

3. It seems as if Americans are not as supportive of the redefinition of marriage as our Betters would like us to be:

4. The New York State Education Department, which apparently never learned the difference between male and female, has issued instructions on how to deal with children who don’t know which pronoun applies to them:

5. The suffering of the tiny Christian population in the war zone of Gaza continues:

6. Another victim of the sexual revolution, displaying severe Stockholm Syndrome, reflects on the wondrous lessons of an "open" marriage, which is to say a marriage built on sin and betrayal: Romans 8:5-8. Please pray for these poor deluded people.

7. Fascinating interview with the Archbishop who serves both Pope-Emeritus Benedict and Pope Francis:

8. Blogged yesterday on Diversionary Tactics that keep our eye off the right ball when it comes to papal teaching on society and economics.

Varia — July 21, 2015

Varia — July 20, 2015

1. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission decides unilaterally that Congressional legislation is no longer necessary for the Imperial State, and declares that the federal ban on discrimination based on "sex" also includes sexual orientation and gender identity: Constitution? Who needs a Constitution?

2. The head of the Temple of Moloch apologizes for the tone of her head body snatcher: Yeah, it was the tone that was offensive.

3. The European Court of Human Rights declines to recognize a right to assisted suicide: I wonder if the Solons on our Supreme Court, who love to cite foreign law, will pay attention to this?

4. Today’s must-read — America Magazine has re-published an astonishingly prophetic opinion piece that was originally written after Roe v. Wade, and is all the more pertinent post-Obergefell:

5. The Holy See continues to speak against the idolatry of the market, and calls for solidarity and cooperation in addressing global poverty:

6. A beautiful statue has been donated to the Army at Fort Drum — the Pieta of Joan of Arc:

7. Do you want to get regular communiqu├ęs from the Rebel Alliance? Then sign up for the USCCB’s Call to Prayer for Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty:

Varia — July 20, 2015