Varia — March 2, 2015

1. The US Bishops are calling on the Administration to give more assistance (perhaps including military support) to persecuted Christians in the Middle East:

2. Transgender head transplants are being spoken about seriously, by deranged people pretending to be scientists: Sounds like the scientists need head transplants.

3. A comprehensive and, frankly, frightening analysis of how far gender ideology has infected our culture:

4. The forces of "tolerance" are gearing up to battle Archbishop Cordileone, over his desire to keep Catholic schools Catholic, and they’ve have hired a notorious truth-challenged PR hitman to do their dirty work:

5. The Holy Father reminds us that instead of spending our time judging others, we need to be a little tougher in judging ourselves: Point taken.

6. The inspiring story of the homeless man who was buried in the Vatican cemetery:—the-homeless-man-buried-in-the-vatican-27992/.

Varia — March 2, 2015

Varia — February 27, 2015

1. Two pieces on the effort by Archbishop Cordileone to ensure that Catholic schools are Catholic. Can you guess which is an attempt at journalism and which is parody? and

2. A graphic showing the terrible situation of religious freedom around the world:

3. It’s been a tough week for the pro-life movement — Prof. Charles Rice of Notre Dame, a great pro-life intellectual and advocate, has entered eternal life: Requiem Aeternam.

4. Jennifer Lahl on the three-parent children and the inherent dangers of the egg donation business:

5. How did I miss this story when it came out last year? The Holy Father has sold the Sistine Chapel and donated the proceeds to Nancy Pelosi: Fiction is stranger than truth.

6. Your homework assignment for the weekend — watch this powerful video on "death with dignity":

Varia — February 27, 2015

Varia — February 26, 2015

1. Even more Christians have been seized in Syria by the barbarians of ISIS:

2. Bullying California tyrants, er, I mean legislators, are threatening to investigate San Francisco Catholic schools because Bishop Cordileone dares to insist that Catholic schools are actually Catholic:

3. The ideologues of gender madness will never be satisfied until everyone conforms and voices their approval. Yet another victim who refuses to knuckle under:

4. You have to admire the courage of the Washington florist who refuses to compromise her beliefs and is willing to fight for them, at great risk to her livelihood:

5. One of Dr. John Wilke’s legacies is a new book on the history of the pro-life movement:

6. Meet the newest Doctor of the Church:

Varia — February 26, 2015

Varia — February 25, 2015

1. A new study documents an increase in hostility towards religion in America:

2. A look inside the social science studies of children of same-sex "parents":

3. Amnesty International tries to bully Ireland because they dare to protect the human rights of unborn children, and Irish pro-lifers push back:

4. An interesting case on religious accommodations in the workplace will be argued before the Supreme Court today:

5. Ever wonder about how hard it is for men and women to communicate well? This video gives a perfect case study:

Varia — February 25, 2015

Varia — February 24, 2015

1. The nightmare for Christians in Syria continues: Please pray!

2. Wesleyan University may have reached the Outer Limits of Gender Ideology absurdity, with its designation of a house for LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM students. No, that’s not a bad Scrabble draw, it’s narcissistic reductionist madness that dehumanizes people.

3. The Culture of Death continues its pogrom against children with Down Syndrome:

4. 92% of New Yorkers say that corruption is a big problem. Yet, oddly, that’s approximately the same as the percentage of incumbents who are re-elected every year:

5. I don’t usually write about this kind of thing, but there’s a lot of attention on the latest Affordable Care Act case before the Supreme Court. So here’s a good Plain English explanation of what the case is all about:

6. Requiem aeternam, John Wilke, pro-life giant:

Varia — February 24, 2015

Varia — February 23, 2015

1. The US Bishops are again calling on Congress for conscience protection in the health care law:

2. Three scholars demonstrate why it is morally indefensible for Catholic institutions to grant recognition or benefits to same-sex relationships:

3. Archbishop Cordileone pushes back against bullying legislators who want the Church to conform to their sexual ideology:

4. The Administration hits three of its favorite targets with one regulation — pushing abortion on vulnerable pregnant refugee children, promoting LGBTQWXYZ ideology, and running roughshod over religious liberty:

5. The Holy Father reminds us of what is at stake in our Lenten journey:

6. Nice profile of a priest who is helping kids escape the rough streets of Newburgh, NY, with his school, the San Miguel Academy:

Varia — February 23, 2015

Varia — February 20, 2015

1. The Melkite Patriarch speaks of the Way of the Cross of Middle Eastern Christians:

2. Interesting parallels between the legal arguments for the expansion of slavery and those offered for the nationalization of same-sex "marriage": The Evil One is stuck on the same old tune.

3. An abortion expansion bill in Ireland, which would have permitted the killing of disabled babies, is defeated:

4. Legislators in California, deeply steeped in the ideology of "tolerance", try to bully Archbishop Cordileone to abandon his teaching authority and conform to the zeitgeist:

5. Wesley Smith on the increasing pressure being put on health care workers to violate their consciences:

6. Blogged about my Lenten mission of praying for people: If you have any intentions you would like me to pray for, please let me know.

7. Don’t pay attention to the thermometer, Spring is here — pitchers and catchers have reported!

Varia — February 20, 2015