Varia — September 25, 2017

1. I blogged about Fordham Law School’s recent hosting of a presentation by a representative of the International Planned Parenthood Federation:

2. I also wrote an op-ed for Catholic News Agency about the “zero tolerance” policy for sexual abuse:

3. A lawsuit has been filed challenging Texas’ anti-life “futile care” law:

4. Interesting article reviewing two recent books on the modern state of love and marriage:

5. Interview with Cardinal Paglia, the new head of the JP II Institute, on what the Holy Father’s new direction for that school means:

6. Here’s what happens when progressive/revisionist Christians actually read the Bible:

Varia — September 25, 2017

Varia — September 22, 2017

1. USCCB expresses some praise but also serious concerns about the latest health care bill in the Senate: Key quote: “Without significant improvement, this bill does not meet the moral criteria for health care reform outlined in our previous letters, and must be changed.”

2. The Senate moves forward on a bill to help Christians in Iraq:

3. Scientists are for all intents and purposes cloning humans, and regulation is needed immediately:

4. So much for religious freedom in Minnesota:

5. Another challenge to the right of adoption and foster care agencies that wish to rely on their religious beliefs in placing children:

6. Good summary on the improper questioning of a Catholic judicial nominee, and the weak defenses offered for it (including by some misguided Catholics):

7. Perhaps it would be a good time to remind people that mass murder (i.e., “destroying” an entire country) is not morally acceptable? Perhaps Gaudium et Spes 80 would be a good starting point?

Varia — September 22, 2017

Varia — September 20, 2017

1. Oregon has now made abortion free for everyone: Don’t believe for a second that it’s going to stay on the West Coast — our Governor is already trying to push it through regulations and other executive actions.

2. How porn is rewiring our brains for the worse: It’s almost a kind of de-evolution.

3. We should never concede the field by forgoing the moral and religious arguments on public questions:

4. The Holy Father has rebooted the JP II Institute for Marriage and Family, expanding its outlook and direction:

5. A high-level meeting at the Holy See will decide what to do about the Belgian Catholic hospitals that are doing euthanasia:

Varia — September 20, 2017

Varia — September 18, 2017

1. The New York Times, ever the tribune of death, continues to glamorize suicide:

2. And, just as perversely, academics are trying to normalize the sexual exploitation of minors:

3. The Belgian religious community insists that euthanasia cannot be done in their hospitals:

4. Use the wrong pronoun for a “transgender” septuagenarian in California and you’re going to jail for a year: For a pronoun. A year in jail.

5. The disgusting manipulative anti-democratic shady and corrupt way in which the powerful insiders control NY politics:

Varia — September 18, 2017

Varia — September 15, 2017

1. Blogged on the cost of political ignorance: Sunday is the 230th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution. Perhaps Americans could commemorate the day by remedying their gross ignorance of what the Constitution actually says:

2. The House’s spending bill would repeal DC’s assisted suicide law:

3. But the President’s budget deal with the Dems will continue to fund Planned Parenthood:

4. Pro-life groups respond to a Dem senator’s pledge to end the Hyde Amendment in their single payer health bill:

5. Becket Fund lawyers explain what’s at stake in the religious freedom case that’s before the Supreme Court this term:

6. Population control ideology runs strong in the environmental movement:

7. Baseball and dreams go hand in hand: With her robotic hand. Yep.

Varia — September 15, 2017

Varia — September 14, 2017

1. The Supreme Knight calls on the Senate to save Christians in Iraq by passing the Iraq and Syria Genocide Emergency Relief and Accountability Act (H.R. 390, which passed the House overwhelmingly by voice vote): Contact your Senator today:

2. More on the dangers of "telemed" abortions — where the woman never sees the doctor in person and the drugs are delivered to her home:

3. Meanwhile, in the latest entry in the Catalogue of Public Obscenity, the Temple of Moloch is awarded a prestigious health care award:

4. Excellent discussion of why Catholics should take seriously what our bishops say on policy issues:

5. The Canadian Mental Health Association comes out against euthanasia for psychiatric patients:

6. Who can resist a story about a nun with a chainsaw:

Varia — September 14, 2017

Varia — September 13, 2017

1. Allegedly Catholic psychiatric homes in Belgium will continue to offer euthanasia, in direct disobedience of the Holy Father:

2. An observer in France asks some very tough questions about how Catholics should think about immigration:

3. A complaint is filed with HHS, asking them to protect the conscience rights of doctors who do not want to promote abortion: These laws are already on the books but the previous Administration refused to enforce them.

4. The dangers of women having at-home abortions once again put the lie to the claim that it’s all about women’s health:

4. Zealots at the UN are trying to create an international human right to abortion:

5. The Administration is looking to cut refugee admissions even further:

6. Meanwhile, Bishop Mansour of the Maronites calls for the US to do more to help Christians in the Middle East:

Varia — September 13, 2017