Varia — July 21, 2017

1. The madness of gender ideology is rooted in the anthropological errors of modern feminism:

2. A Court blocks enforcement of Illinois’ law that would force pregnancy centers to promote abortion:

3. Wesley Smith warns us yet again of the crucial importance of human exceptionalism:

4. Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso has written a powerful and challenging pastoral letter on migration:

5. Msgr. Pope makes it very clear – our choice is for God or for the modern versions of Baal, Moloch, and the other false gods:

6. Always entertaining to read someone skewer King Andrew’s megalomania:

7. Behold the human spirit in one 9-year-old boy: Get your hanky ready!

Varia — July 21, 2017

Varia — July 20, 2017

1. The Charlie Gard case is a perfect illustration of why the government should not be the one deciding who gets life-sustaining health treatments:

2. It also shows the dangers of nihilistic utilitarianism, as illustrated by the musings of some supposed intellectuals:

3. What happens when a state refuses to release pertinent information about assisted suicide – you basically leave the assisted suicide movement to police its own dirty work:

4. Sometimes, in unguarded moments, they say what they are really thinking – here’s the gay activist that’s funding efforts to suppress dissent, saying that “we’re going to punish the wicked”:

5. This kind of thing in Congress would sure make C-SPAN more exciting to watch:

Varia — July 20, 2017

Varia — July 19, 2017

1. The DC assisted suicide law goes into effect:

2. This is why we need our Church to be outspoken about the Just War Doctrine – our government seems to have accepted the hubristic notion that “preventive war” is morally acceptable, a massive change in perspective over the past few decades: Our nation is losing its conscience.

3. A large number of people in the UK think Jesus was an “extremist”: They’re actually right, but not for the reason they think.

4. The Holy Father has a gigantic presence on social media – 35 million Twitter followers, 4 million on Instagram:

5. The leader of the Coptic Church in Egypt has ordered all its groups to suspend all activities outside of church due to threats from ISIS:

6. Msgr. Pope on the sad decline of friendship:

Varia — July 19, 2017

Varia — July 18, 2017

1. USCCB asks the Administration to raise the cap on refugees: and

2. The Newsletter of the Cult of Moloch wails and gnashes its teeth because the abortion reversal protocol might actually save lives: It’s a really long and repulsively tendentious article that is unreadable, but it’s worth scanning a little bit to get a sense of the hypocrisy, condescension towards women, and callousness to human life of the pro-abortion mindset.

3. Alliance Defending Freedom files yet another lawsuit challenging a law that would compel pregnancy centers to promote abortion:

4. Gay rights activists are hoping for one last gift from the fertile imagination of their favorite Black-Robed Platonic Guardian Ruler on the Supreme Court:

5. The heresy of scientism, which includes denying the uniqueness of the human person, inevitably leads to crimes against humanity:

6. It seems that the Second Coming has been delayed by zealous enforcement of the Administration’s Travel Ban:

Varia — July 18, 2017

Varia — July 17, 2017

1. Representative of ADF completely demolishes the slanderous allegation that they are a “hate group”:

I blogged on this on Friday:

2. ArchNY wins an important religious liberty case, upholding our ability to choose leaders who are faithful Catholics, without interference by the state:

3. A house committee moves forward with a bill to revoke the DC assisted suicide law:

4. John Allen suggests that the bizarre article from the Vatican newspaper last week, with its incomprehensible “analysis” of American politics and religion, actually gives insight into a long-standing Vatican point of view about America:

5. More teens are delaying sex, despite the incessant repulsive propaganda from the media encouraging them otherwise:

6. I’m super supportive of marriage, but this may not be the best way to propose:

Varia — July 17, 2017

Varia — July 14, 2017

1. I blogged on the outrageous calumny against Alliance Defending Freedom (and by extension all orthodox Christians) that it is a “hate group” because it opposes “gay rights”:

2. The Holy Father has endorsed a pledge campaign to live Laudato Si: Sign the pledge:

3. When the Holy Father talks about “ideological colonialism”, he’s aiming at these guys – the population control crypto-eugenics crowd:

4. An innovative legal argument that may be useful in creating conscience exceptions to laws that compel people to pay for abortions or suicides: There’s always a danger in using the enemy’s tools against him. Remember the One Ring?

5. It’s good that Michigan has passed a law prohibiting female genital mutilation, but does anyone else see the bizarre disconnect with legal abortion: ?

6. The Babylon Bee gives us its list of the funniest satire websites (although it’s a shame they didn’t get any of the great Catholic satire sites): But wait, if a satire site satires satire sites, does that mean those are serious sites?

7. St. Kateri, pray for us!

Varia — July 14, 2017

Varia — July 13, 2017

1. The Newsletter of the Cult of Moloch publishes a piece advocating infanticide:

2. Half of the refugees admitted this year are Christians, and the number of Muslims is declining: So why do we need a ban on further refugee admissions:

3. When we want a detailed analysis of religion in American politics, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll ask an Italian Jesuit and an Argentinean Protestant, who seem to be looking at an entirely unfamiliar country of their own invention: Just for one, the notion that outside of the fever swamps there are any “Integralists” among Catholics or “dominionists” among Protestants is bizarre.

4. In a book review, Msgr. Pope gives an excellent overview of the flaws of our modern delusions about sexuality:

5. Here’s another take on the same book:

6. An important case may be heading to the Supreme Court where the issue is whether the term “sex” under the Civil Rights Act includes “sexual orientation”:

7. Crime pays. Ugh.

Varia — July 13, 2017