Varia — July 25, 2016

1. Just in case you wonder what Gleichschaltung under the totalitarianism of sexual liberationism will look like, behold:

2. The Fifth Column is as alive as ever:

3. A critical analysis of gender studies as an academic subject:

4. More major chains are putting porn filters on their free WiFi:

5. On the modern tactic of using fear as a political weapon in the culture wars:

6. Great story about a young lady who used an innovative way to pay off her student loan debt so she could enter the Sisters of Life postulancy:

Varia — July 25, 2016

Varia — July 15, 2016

1. The House passed an essential conscience protection bill yesterday that would have protected doctors who do not wish to participate in abortions: Only three Dems voted for the bill. Three. That is what we are up against.

2. A medical student explains why the bill is so important:

3. Where things stand, a year after the revelations about the Temple of Moloch’s trafficking in human body parts:

4. A doctor has opened a one-stop-shopping assisted suicide store in California:

5. A park is granted legal personhood in New Zealand: No word about whether personhood will be granted to potential users of that park who haven’t been lucky enough to be born yet.

6. All you great saints of France – Denis, Louis, Genevieve, Martin, Jeanne – please pray for your suffering homeland.

7. I knew it was going to happen someday!! The President has nominated Moloch to the Supreme Court! I think he was a classmate of mine at Harvard, so he’ll fit right in.

Varia — July 15, 2016

Varia — July 13, 2016

1. I wrote a blog last week on the hostility of the Supreme Court to religious freedom:

2. Here’s yet another example:

3. Assisted suicide and euthanasia continue to corrupt the medical profession:

4. Our Christian brethren in Egypt continue to suffer persecution — one attack every ten days:

5. That Iowa "Human Rights" Commission backed away from its attacks on churches:

Varia — July 13, 2016

Varia — July 7, 2016

1. The draft platform of the Abortion Party shows that they believe in no limits at all on abortion, and would even repeal the Hyde Amendment: Nobody can say that they weren’t warned what to expect.

2. How the anti-life Administration has gutted a key conscience protection law:

3. Contrary to what most people would expect, young adults are becoming more pro-life:

4. On the need to reach out to apolitical and uninformed people about the dangers to religious freedom:

5. New York City’s “Human Rights” Commission decides that sex-segregated swimming hours is okay to accommodate Hasidic religious beliefs: Does anyone think they’ll accommodate Christian beliefs about sex? Hah!

6. A closed abortion clinic in Florida will now house an agency that serves homeless people:

Varia — July 7, 2016

Varia — July 6, 2016

1. News from the Resistance – a church in Iowa sues their “Human Rights (except for religious liberty) Commission” over their interpretation of “gender” rights:

2. Justice Thomas’ dissent in the Texas abortion case is a lament of the demise of the rule of law:

3. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia issues guidelines on the implementation of Amoris Laetitia’s principles on those in irregular situations:

4. Governor Abortion is increasing enforcement against shoddy day care centers: Still waiting for the first inspection of unlicensed and unsafe abortion clinics.

5. The heroism of priests in Iraq is truly astounding, and a great gift from God to all of us: Blood, seed. Please pray for them!

Varia — July 6, 2016

Varia — July 5, 2016

1. As expected, the Supreme Court doesn’t even bother to do law anymore, as evidenced by the latest abortion ukase:

2. Nor do they have much regard for the Free Exercise Clause, which seems to have been pretty much erased from the Constitution: and

3. The pro-abortion crowd is getting ready to go on the offensive:

4. Sexual ideology Gleichshaltung proceeds apace

5. A Catholic hospital in Belgium is forced to pay damages for refusing to commit euthanasia:

6. This miracle baby teaches us a lesson that’s always worth re-learning — never give up on life:

Varia — July 5, 2016

Varia — June 23, 2016

1. The USCCB denounces the Administration’s decision to uphold California’s abortion insurance mandate:

2. One of our Black-Robed Platonic Guardian Rulers on the Courts in Washington State has decided that if a public hospital offers maternity care, it has to do abortions: Since they’re exactly the same thing to minds dulled by sin.

3. Full employment for otherwise unemployable academics, now available in the Transgender Studies Department:

4. Pogroms against Christians continue in the Middle East:

5. Spanish cardinal who spoke against gender ideology, feminism, etc. is cleared of “hate crime” charges:

6. Pope Francis writes with great affection about Pope Benedict:

7. Varia is going off the air for a week as Mrs. Varia and I, along with one of the offspring, go to West Virginia for our annual mission trip with the PV Volunteers. Please pray for the people of Appalachia.

Varia — June 23, 2016