Varia — March 19, 2018

1. American pro-life leaders show support for their Irish counterparts who are fighting the legalization of abortion on demand.

2. Tomorrow is the Supreme Court argument on the free speech rights of pregnancy centers, here’s a preview: Please pray for the great advocates from ADF who are defending life and freedom.

3. Another attack on religious liberty seeks to drive Catholic foster care agencies in Philadelphia out of business:

4. The "war on opiods" has had the unintended consequence of creating shortages of pain medicines in hospitals, which could then affect our battle against assisted suicide by fostering a fear of untreatable pain:

5. The gender ideology crowd must be getting desperate if they’re trying to look for support in the Bible:

6. The Babylon Bee hits another homer:

7. St. Patrick and St. Joseph, pray for us!

Varia — March 19, 2018

Varia — March 15, 2018

1. My blog on the moral corruption in Albany:

2. A preview of next week’s crucial Supreme Court argument on the free speech rights of pro-life pregnancy centers:

3. George Will on the genocide of Down Syndrome children:

4. Of course, nothing stops our Black-Robed Platonic Guardian Rulers on the Courts, who have now struck down Ohio’s law against abortion of Down Syndrome children:

5. Mary Eberstadt’s magnificent essay on the enduring truths of Humanae Vitae, confirmed by what is actually happening in society:

6. John Allen considers where we the Church is going with gender theory:

7. A unique and truly Christian approach to the Parkland remembrance vigils:

Varia — March 15, 2018

Varia — March 14, 2018

1. A record number of Irish rally in Dublin to retain constitutional protection for unborn children:

2. But Governor Abortion can’t say enough wonderful things about the departing boss of Murder Incorporated, and gives her the "Governor’s Medal for Public Service": The moral corruption is mind-boggling.

3. The ugly stench of eugenics is never far from the pro-abortion movement:

4. UK Cardinal speaks out strongly against gender ideology:

5. The human spirit, on display at the Paralympics:

6. Praying for the Holy Father on the 5th anniversary of his pontificate. JD Flynn has a nice persective:

Varia — March 14, 2018

Varia — March 12, 2018

1. This is not a parody, but a tragedy. Georgetown University is giving an honor for “service to others” to pro-abortion stalwart Sen. Dick Durbin (D – Moloch): This is the same Senator whose appalling pro-abortion voting record led his bishop to admonish him not to present himself for Communion.

2. The bishops are calling on us to contact Congress to support the Conscience Protection Act: Here’s how:

3. An excellent explanation of what the federal courts are getting wrong about transgenderism and anti-discrimination law:

4. When even the libertine left shares some of our doubts about hormonal contraception, then you know the power of the truth:

5. Assisted suicide proponents really don’t care about conscience rights, but want to coerce doctors into participating:

6. Boxing nuns. What more could you ask for? Too bad the habits stop them from throwing kicks.

Varia — March 12, 2018

Varia — March 9, 2018

1. Blogged on the latest judicial usurpations by our Black-Robed Platonic Guardians on the Courts:

2. The Irish Government has approved wording for their referendum that would permit legalization of abortion for all nine months for any reason:

3. Richard Doerflinger analyzes Oregon’s assisted suicide report, and finds loads of reasons to be alarmed about abuses:

4. Rhode Island legislators have come up with a creative way to block internet porn and support victims of sex trafficking:

5. Wesley Smith on yet another demonstration of the insanity of the “transhumanists”:

6. Interesting poll numbers on Americans’ opinions about the Holy Father:

7. Kathryn Jean Lopez interviews the young man at the center of a new documentary film on the choice for life and adoption:

Varia — March 9, 2018

Varia — March 8, 2018

1. The Supreme Court of Ireland essentially declares that unborn children have no rights that born people are bound to respect, and clears the way for a referendum so that voters can do the same: and

2. $1.5 billion – that’s billion – paid by US taxpayers to Planned Parenthood, and millions more to Maria Stopes, an international abortion corporation:

3. As seen in a disturbing article and documentary that celebrate a joint assisted suicide, the pathology of the Culture of Death invariably goes from “tragic necessity we reluctantly accept” to “positive good we should encourage”:

4. And the Netherlands reports that there was an 8% rise in cases of euthanasia: Since there is only self-reporting by doctors, there is no way of knowing the real number or how many abuses took place — including people who are euthanized without request.

5. Another college is trying to shut down a Christian student group, apparently because nobody at the school has read the 1st Amendment or cares about respecting religious diversity:

6. An amazing story of an immigrant from South Sudan who escaped slavery to become an Olympic athlete and then joined the US Air Force:

Varia — March 8, 2018

Varia — March 7, 2018

1. Our bishops are asking us to flood Congress in support of the Conscience Protection Act. Statement:

2. Story: Video:

3. Here’s how to do it:

4. British court essentially kidnaps a gravely ill baby from his parents so doctors can pull the plug on him:

5. Schadenfreude alert. Governor Abortion is looking at a potential challenge from his left wing:

6. Chesterton once said "It’s the first effect of not believing in God that you lose your common sense.". Behold the bizarre postmodern pseudo-religion of "intersectionality":

7. Sometimes the only way to understand gender ideology is through the power of parody:

Varia — March 7, 2018