Varia — February 11, 2016

1. An important new study of assisted suicide in Holland, and how it prevents those with mental illnesses from getting treatment that would benefit them:

2. Canada sets up death courts:

3. Fascinating and valuable overview of the liberal case against assisted suicide:

4. On the history of bioethics, and the triumph of the principle of absolute patient autonomy:

5. If you’re a doctor and you insist that human beings are either male or female based on their biology, the US government may be coming after you:

6. Notre-Dame de Lourdes, priez pour nous. Ste. Bernadette, priez pour nous.

Varia — February 11, 2016

Varia — February 10, 2016

1. I blogged again on how Catholics should consider the voting decision:

2. The enemies of life are in the field in force, promoting their assisted suicide bill: Note especially the Orwellian manipulation of language — "aid in dying", as opposed to "assisted suicide".

3. The Newsletter of the Cult of Moloch does a (surprisingly only mildly biased) story about efforts in California to force pregnancy centers to refer women for abortions:

4. A story out of Chicago about church closings and demographic changes raises many, broader questions:

5. The absurdity of the cult of "tolerance" exposed:

6. The story behind that funny Doritos ad that so enraged the Cult of Moloch:

7. The Holy Father has asked for prayers for his upcoming historic meeting with the Orthodox Patriarch of Russia:

Varia — February 10, 2016

Varia — February 5, 2016

1. The Europeans do what our Administration won’t — call the persecution of Christians "genocide":

2. A panel of Dr. Frankensteins thinks it’s perfectly okay to genetically manipulate embryos so that they have three parents:

3. Yet another reminder that elections have consequences — witness the Democratic candidates and their litmus tests for Supreme Court appointments:

4. And consider the Dem front-runner’s attitude to assisted suicide:

5. This is gigantic and historic — the Holy Father will meet the Patriarch of Moscow next week: May we be one!

Varia — February 5, 2016

Varia — February 4, 2016

1. Yet another instance of how sin — in this case, euthanasia — clouds the reasoning and makes people stupid:

2. Doctors now reflect back on the tragedies of gender reassignment treatments, which have been concealed by the politicization of medicine:

3. Interesting piece on the religious elements in the movie "Groundhog Day": It actually is a great movie about the nature of true love.

4. The mind reels, and words fail:

5. Yesterday was the sad anniversary of the day in 1988, the former blob of tissue that had no rights a born person was bound to respect, that we now know as Anthony Kennedy, was confirmed as a Justice of the Supreme Court, where he could expatiate at length on "the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life", and in the process condemn millions of unborn children to death and eradicate the rationality of marriage law. Ugh.

6. In memory of my mentor Jack Swan, I blogged on the politics of principle:

7. And we close with cross-country skiing nuns:

Varia — February 4, 2016

Varia — February 1, 2016

1. Forgot to post this last week — the Cardinal’s homily at the Pro-Life Vigil Mass:

2. Suicide clinics are being proposed for Canada:

3. Speculation that Yale may have the oldest image of the Blessed Mother:

4. Interesting piece on the mystery of evangelical support for the GOP front-runner:

5. News flash from the Department of the Incredibly Obvious — 90% of New Yorkers think that government corruption is a big problem: And the FBI’s big strategy to fight public corruption? Billboards: Really — this is not from the Onion.

6. The father of a girl murdered in Syria shows the grace of forgiveness:

Varia — February 1, 2016

Varia — January 29, 2016

1. Now that the presidential primaries are about to begin, I blogged on whether we are going to be ruled by God’s standards, or man’s:

2. A European human rights group will say what our Administration will not — ISIS is committing genocide:

3. A Canadian bishop speaks out strongly against gender ideology being imposed by government diktat:

4. Whew.

5. Interesting correlation between political affiliation and marital infidelity: GOP presidential candidates excepted, I guess.

6. From transgender nonsense to transpecies nonsense, in one easy step: I don’t care what the government says, I’m not going to scratch her behind the ears.

Varia — January 29, 2016

Varia — January 28, 2016

1. At least 2,000 Belgians were euthanized in 2015: If the same proportion of the population dies that way here, we would be talking about 60,000 people per year.

2. A close analysis of polling data shows how important abortion is for elections:

3. Interesting piece on the world turned upside down of gender ideology:

4. Muslim leaders call for respect for religious freedom in Islamic countries:

5. The countdown to the post-Synod apostolic exhortation begins:

6. St. Thomas Aquinas, pray for us. (I was born on his feast day in the old calendar, and got my middle name from him — and some of my way of looking at the world).

Varia — January 28, 2016