Varia — November 17, 2017

1. The Holy Father makes important remarks about end of life issues, including an unequivocal denunciation of euthanasia: The money quote: “the categorical imperative is to never abandon the sick.”

2. Our great pals the Chinese and their Exalted Ruler have added idolatry to their endless list of sins against God and man:

3. Bishop Mansour on the ways that Catholic Relief Services is helping the victims of Middle East genocide:

4. The MTA has decided that people on the subway are no longer “ladies and gentlemen”, and not because of their gross habitual rudeness – it’s all about gender ideology:

5. Sunday is the World Day of the Poor:

6. Sunday is also the anniversary of the Gettysburg Address:

Varia — November 17, 2017

Varia — November 16, 2017

1. The thought police have racked up another victim, this time a teacher in the UK who is being disciplined for having "misgendered" a student — he had the nerve to call a girl a girl, regardless of her sadly deluded re-definition as a purported boy:

2. Ugly anti-human environmentalists discredit the cause of preserving our earthly inheritance, in order to promote the evil cause of coercive population control:

3. The Administration misses the legal deadline to issue a key report on international religious liberty:

4. Fordham Law School continues to make it laughably easy to spot instances of their total cluelessness about what Catholic identity (and quality legal reasoning) really means: Hard to believe, sad to see.

5. The Babylon Bee continues to be the gold standard for religious satire:

Varia — November 16, 2017

Varia — November 15, 2017

1. My blog on gun violence:

2. Cardinal Dolan on where the devaluation of human life has brought us as a society:

3. A non-binding poll in Australia endorses the redefinition of marriage: Legislation is likely to follow.

4. Prof. Michael New debunks the claim that the current Administration’s policies will increase the abortion rate:

5. The FBI may be opening an investigation into the Temple of Moloch:

6. Another crackpot lawsuit trying to get some court to recognize animals as persons: The sad thing is that all you need is to find one judge gullible enough to buy it.

Varia — November 15, 2017

Varia — November 14, 2017

1. Archbishop Naumann is elected to succeed Cardinal Dolan as Chair of the USCCB Pro-Life Committee: All sorts of tea leaves being read on this election, but the net result is the continuation of strong leadership on the Committee.

2. A courageous Irish pro-lifer speaks out about her persecution by pro-abortion advocates and the need to proclaim the pro-life message with confidence:

3. The special USCCB committee on racism is up and running:

4. There were rumblings that assisted suicide advocates would get an initiative on the ballot in South Dakota, but they failed to get enough signatures to qualify: Another notable loss, putting the lie to their claim to be the wave of the future.

5. People in the media are shocked, shocked that there has been sexualization of young girls going on here:

6. Nice profile of the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal:

Varia — November 14, 2017

Varia — November 13, 2017

1. Holland continues to plunge down the moral mine shaft of euthanasia mania – deaths have risen 67% in five years and the demand is ever increasing:

2. The Supreme Court will take up the very important case of California’s anti-free speech law that would require pregnancy centers to advertise for abortion:

3. The Cardinal on the need to ensure conscience protection for health professionals who do not want to participate in abortions:

4. Remedial courses in embryology are obviously needed for those doctors who fail to recall that human life (including theirs) begins at conception:

5. And speaking of science, it absolutely establishes the destructiveness of porn:

6. The Holy Father makes a crucial distinction that our world misses between authentic primacy of conscience and absolute autonomy:

Varia — November 13, 2017

Varia — November 8, 2017

1. Prof. Charles Camosy on the need to retain the adoption tax credit:

2. Pro-life groups urge the GOP to retain the adoption tax credit, and they are feeling the heat: and Shamefully, the GOP defeated an amendment in committee that would have restored it.

3. Never mind about that Catholic identity thing. The University of Notre Dame has reversed itself, and will continue to cover free contraception in its health insurance plans:

4. The Times grudgingly explains why the unborn child was counted as a victim in Texas, but wouldn’t be counted in other states (like NY) that don’t have an Unborn Victims of Violence Act:

5. When human life is treated like a commodity, this is what results — "Human embryos are treated as ‘objects’ that can be declared ‘less good’ and left to perish":

6. Challenges move forward againts FEMA’s unconstitutional ban on disaster recovery aid to religious organizations:

7. The Holy Father really, really doesn’t like people taking photos during Mass:

Varia — November 8, 2017

Varia — November 6, 2017

1. Cardinal DiNardo on the Texas massacre — "We must come to the firm determination that there is a fundamental problem in our society":

2. Other reactions by the bishops: Note that there was a 27th victim — the unborn child.

3. Good news in the battle against sex trafficking — the big tech companies dropped their opposition to a key piece of legislation that would enable people to bring suits against hosts of sex ads:

4. There is growing pressure on the GOP to preserve the adoption tax credit:

5. Interesting interview about Black Catholics and their identity struggles:

6. Hey, I’m not the only one who falls asleep while praying, the Pope does too:

Varia — November 6, 2017