Varia — May 24, 2017

1. Assisted suicide legalization bill fails in Maine:

2. The Holy Father met the President: and

3. The Bishops offer some moral guidance for the upcoming federal budget battle:

4. Pending conscience protection legislation in Congress is not broad enough to combat the threats to liberty:

5. Challenge to a St. Louis law that threatens religious liberty by denying religious organizations the right to take any adverse action against an employee or agency that promotes abortion or even to express disagreement with abortion:

6. More branch offices of the Temple of Moloch are closing: and

7. March for Life in Rome:

Varia — May 24, 2017

Varia — May 18, 2017

1. Dissent must be crushed – the forces of “tolerance” are taking the small business T-shirt company to the Supreme Court to force them to utter words that are anathema to their faith:

2. Cardinal Mueller denounces euthanasia and assisted suicide, and cites NY’s Task Force on Life and the Law:

3. A scathing commentary on the memoirs of an abortionist who considers himself a good Christian – and who offers a clear view of the vapid self-delusive evil at the heart of the abortion mindset:

4. The Holy Father denounces destructive embryo research:

5. And when he comes home after a trip, the Holy Father does what any good son would do – he drops in to say “hi” to Mom:

6. Rest in peace Bishop Thomas Daily of Brooklyn, a good man and priest, a staunch pro-life hero.

Varia — May 18, 2017

Varia — May 16, 2017

1. The Administration expands the Mexico City policy, which restricts federal funding for organizations that perform or promote abortion:

2. The Temple of Moloch continues its tradition of horrific desecration of Mother’s Day:

3. Religious liberty bill advances in Texas:

4. The perfect story for our narcissistic age:

5. The perfect horror story of our sexually confused and narcissistic age – sex robots: Don’t know what’s creepier, the concept or the actual product. Ugh.

Varia — May 16, 2017

Varia — May 15, 2017

1. The ever-increasing threats against the conscience rights of health care workers:

2. The moral values of Americans continue to slide into the abyss:

3. Remarks by the Veep about protecting persecuted Christians worldwide: Excellent sentiments, now let’s see if they convert into policy.

4. A victory for free speech in Kentucky against the forces of “tolerance” – a shirt printer can’t be forced to print messages he disagrees with:

5. The Holy See’s maintains its unblemished track record on awesomely cool, immediately comprehensible and deeply meaningful logos: Looks to me more like a sea monster eating a cross, but I’m too old to get it, I guess.

6. Beautiful story of one of the Knock visionaries who came to NY, and is now finding a final resting place at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral: and

7. On Saturday, the Cardinal re-consecrated the Archdiocese to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Varia — May 15, 2017

Varia — May 11, 2017

1. If the male and female “binary” is arbitrary and just a social construct, as the gender ideologues like to claim, then why are there so many essential genetic differences between the sexes?

2. Kathryn Lopez has created a wonderful series of talks celebrating adoption; here’s the link to the next one:

3. On the accelerating danger presented by our Black-Robed Platonic Guardians on the Courts:

4. The Times shills for infidelity in marriage: Don’t bother reading it, you can pretty much imagine what the clueless self-absorbed immoral odd-balls are saying about their sexual adventures.

5. The social science evidence, however, shows that the decline of monogamy in marriage has been grossly overstated:

6. Bishops lead the way in signing a pledge to eliminate the death penalty:

Varia — May 11, 2017

Varia — May 4, 2017

1. Blogged on how the Dems have become the Party of Death:

2. While the clueless Dem and Hollywood establishment all turn out to worship at the Temple of Moloch:

3. Looks like the executive order on religious liberty is actually going to drop today: Sounds as if it will be quite limited, so we’ll see if it does what’s necessary, but expect much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the usual suspects.

4. Every time the Unspeakable Former Speaker opens her mouth, something astounding comes out, and occasionally it actually contains a kernel of truth:

5. An amazing story of ordinary people doing an extraordinary act to save a life:

6. Off the air for a few days, see you next week.

Varia — May 4, 2017

Varia — May 28, 2017

1. Please pray for safety and success for the Holy Father’s trip to Egypt.

2. A key advisor to the Administration says that religious liberty protections are still on the way: .

3. Don’t recall if I sent this out before, but here’s an excellent statement on “transgenderism” by the National Catholic Bioethics Center:

4. A Manhattan fertility doctor is giving away human beings by lottery: The commodification of human life continues apace.

5. Some really interesting data about the relationship between one’s level of education and religious practice, particularly among Christians:

6. A group wants to help women perform back-alley do-it-yourself abortions on themselves: Oh, yes, it’s all about women’s health, right?

7. New study shows (yet again) that hormonal contraceptives are bad for women’s health:

Varia — May 28, 2017