Varia — March 26, 2015

1. Now that the Assembly has started to split up the "Women’s Equality Act" into its components, here’s an overview of how we defeated Governor Abortion’s Abortion Expansion Bill:

2. Pro-abortion die-hards in the Assembly still went ahead and passed the Abortion Expansion Bill, even though there’s no chance it will be considered by the Senate:

3. And pro-abortion fanatics in Congress have to decide which is more important to them: giving aid and health care to poor people or killing their the babies: It is indeed hilarious that now the Temple of Moloch, er, I mean Planned Parenthood, doesn’t consider the Unspeakable former Speaker to be pro-abortion enough.

4. Fordham Prof. Charles Camosy explains why the Supreme Court’s ruling on pregnancy discrimination is a victory for women and for pro-lifers: An explanation of this important decision:

5. Pro-lifers are arrested for peacefully praying in front of the Speaker of the House’s office:

6. Very interesting review of recent stats on religious affiliation, Mass attendance, prayer:

Varia — March 26, 2015

Varia — March 25, 2015

1. Ryan Anderson offers a comprehensive analysis of why physician assisted suicide is a tragically bad idea:

2. Nearly 500 Catholic priests in the UK sign an open letter imploring the upcoming Synod to stand firm on Church teaching about marriage and family:

3. How the media uses one word — "controversial" — to signal their bias on issues like "gay rights":

4. There really must be something in the water (what there is of it) in California that makes people crazy:

5. Governor Abortion’s phony baloney "Women’s Equality Party" continues to be, well, phony baloney:

6. All the usual suspects are horrified that a Catholic high school is pre-screening prom dresses to ensure that they are not immodest: Even some modest prom dresses are aesthetically horrifying, but that’s another issue.

7. Et incarnatus est!

Varia — March 25, 2015

Varia — March 24, 2015

1. A good overview of the current state of the battle against assisted suicide:

2. A sobering illustration of how difficult it is to respond to the emotional appeals made by those who support "transgender" anti-discrimination bills:

3. Organ-harvesting ghouls continue to press for redefining death so they can ply their trade:

4. A profile of the Courage ministry to those with homosexual inclinations who want to live according to the teachings of the Church: Please pray for them!

5. A new unauthorized biography of Governor Abortion shows the kind of man we have to deal with:

6. A German Cardinal schools his colleagues who are going wobbly on Church teaching about marriage and the family:

Varia — March 24, 2015

Varia — March 23, 2015

1. The Holy Father strongly rejects the death penalty:

2. Yesterday was World Down Syndrome day, but the main sponsoring group failed to mention the reality of eugenic abortion that is aimed directly at children with that condition:

3. Preview of an interesting Supreme Court case, which is being argued today and will have a direct impact on the drive to get "Choose Life" license plates approved here in NY:

4. The Canadian Supreme Court recognizes the right of Catholic schools to be Catholic: One wonders if the solons of San Francisco are paying attention.

5. A moving video of a little girl’s testimony to her love of God and love of enemies, told from a refugee camp to which she fled to avoid being killed by the evil madmen of ISIS:

Varia — March 23, 2015

Varia — March 20, 2015

1. Wesley Smith on the terrible growth of family-supported suicide and how it will increase pressure on vulnerable people to accept an evil "duty to die":

2. France continues its descent into the abyss, as a bill advances that would permit voluntary and involuntary euthanasia:

3. When the only chance to protect religious liberty in DC is the US Senate, then things are very bad indeed:

4. Interesting stats from Gallup on the percentages of homosexual people in major metropolitan areas: No place in America is higher than 6%; New York is 4%.

5. Robert Downey Jr. (a/k/a Iron Man) is a mensch:

Varia — March 20, 2015

Varia — March 19, 2015

1. It’s confirmed that the Holy Father will address the UN in September:

2. Two children of the Culture of Death, euthanasia and organ harvesting, are coming together in Canada:

3. The Presbyterian Church USA departs from historic Christianity and sanity, and decides that Genesis 2:24 and Matthew 19:4-6 aren’t needed in their Bible any more:

4. Live Action does yet another undercover operation that reveals that abortionists are indeed liars and murderers:

5. St. Joseph, pray for us!

Varia — March 19, 2015

Varia — March 18, 2015

1. In Belgium, 18% of patients die from assisted suicide or euthanasia: The Culture of Death on steroids.

2. A pro-"gay" propaganda film is given to the Pope, but the Holy See makes perfectly clear that this does not mean any kind of endorsement:

3. Fascinating story from San Francisco that reveals the vast conceptual divide over the nature and purpose of Catholic schools: The Archbishop’s man gets it: their purpose is to teach the faith, so you need teachers who are actually believers.

4. Another company wins a victory against the HHS mandate:

5. This is totally not an endorsement by them or me, but there’s an interesting and surprisingly positive profile of Jeb Bush in the Times that focuses on his Catholic faith (including references to him carrying and praying the Rosary):

Varia — March 18, 2015