Varia — October 24, 2014

October 24, 2014

1. The Human Life Review turns 40 and celebrates young pro-lifers: Bravo!

2. Is it really surprising that the development of hormonal contraceptives was riddled with unethical and scientifically irresponsible behavior?

3. Two really depressing articles about sexting among teens, and the harm it does: (an article that correctly identifies the problem and then draws all the wrong conclusions) and Warning — the first article has some pretty explicit descriptions.

4. Cardinal Sarah — one of those African bishops that Cardinal Kasper didn’t want to listen to — talks clearly and powerfully about the real problems facing marriage and the family:

5. I blogged on the aftermath of the Synod:

6. I try to stay away from partisanship, but I couldn’t resist sharing this speculation on the identity of the handful of people who bought Governor Abortion’s new book:

Varia — October 22, 2014

October 22, 2014

1. An amazing, even miraculous advance in adult stem cell therapies — restoring a paralyzed man’s ability to walk:

2. The Holy Father on the state of the Middle East, where we see "terrorism of previously unimaginable proportions": At least 200,000 Europeans have called upon their governments to do something for persecuted Christians:

3. Ed Peters sums up in a nutshell the sad confusion of Notre Dame University about marriage:

4. How a consumerist mindset is driving all the gender identity nonsense:

5. The inevitable mess that ensues when surrogacy is legalized:

6. Kim Daniels reflects on the real success of the Extraordinary Synod:

7. Saint John Paul, pray for us!

Varia — October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

1. The Holy Father’s address at the conclusion of the Extraordinary Synod:

2. The final Relatio appears to be only in Italian at this point — maybe they’re actually taking a couple of days to provide a real English translation. Here’s a report on the document from CNA:

3. The Temple of Moloch, er, I mean Planned Parenthood, is expanding its killing fields to Queens:

4. The ideologues of sexual tolerance march on, finding more victims to punish for their lack of conformity: and

5. Meanwhile, the coherence of "gay rights" is being undermined from within, thanks to gender theory:

Varia — October 17, 2014

October 17, 2014

1. Please, somebody confiscate Cardinal Kasper’s shovel, he’s only digging himself in deeper:

2. The African bishops actually have a few things to say, that may be worth listening to:

3. But we always have to remember the attitudes that our US bishops are pushing up against: Note especially the numbers for Catholics who say they attend Mass weekly or more.

4. Yet another case of "tolerance for me, but not for thee", and the face of the new persecution:

5. Some interesting statistics about the relationship between marriage and religion around the world:

6. Uh oh, Cardinal Kasper’s out with a new proposal, and it’s a doozy: (Satire alert).

Varia — October 16, 2014

October 16, 2014

1. A religious sister who is "Exhibit A" for the principle of gradualism, which has been much a topic at the Synod:

2. Seriously, someone really needs to have a word with Cardinal Kasper about the joys of silence:

3. And perhaps the Vatican could consider finding somebody who can translate Italian accurately into English: Maybe next time they can all use Esperanto to avoid this problem.

3. The Mayor of Houston backs down from that unconscionable subpoena to pastors:

4. The legacy of the hook-up culture on campus:

Varia — October 15, 2014

October 15, 2014

1. Blogged on the supposedly radical earthquake out of the Synod, and what the real agenda is:

2. Fr. Barron is, as always, the voice of reason:

3. The forces of "tolerance" flex their muscles — the City of Houston is subpoenaing pastors to get their sermons, to see if they’re fighting that city’s "equal rights" ordinance:

4. Continuing their disrespect for we the people, the Supreme Court puts the Texas abortion clinic regulation statute on hold, permitting the killing to resume: and

5. Just when you thought politics was getting too serious, consider this guy running for governor in Idaho: Good intentions gone off the deep end.

Varia — October 14, 2014

October 14, 2014

1. News reports on the Synod — Dawn Eden warns us to be sure to have a large grain of salt available:

2. Instead, perhaps people should read the interim document (which is merely interim, remember — a work in progress):

3. Or, just listen to the Cardinal:

4. The Cult of Moloch mourns, but we can celebrate, America’s shrinking access to abortion:

5. The current state of religious liberty:

6. In considering Christopher Columbus, people should consider the real motives for his journey: I read her book “Columbus and the Quest for Jerusalem,” by the way, and it’s excellent.

Varia — October 10, 2014

October 10, 2014

1. So much for the "Fighting Irish" moniker — Notre Dame University voluntarily agrees to give benefits to same-sex "spouses":

2. Faithful faculty of NDU object to the craven surrender:

3. The current scorecard on states that (mostly involuntarily) have re-defined marriage:

4. Fr. Paul Check of the Courage Apostolate, on the right way to welcome homosexual persons:

5. A very nice reflection on the life of Fr. Benedict Groeschel:

6. The wonderful Simcha Fisher takes down the absurd media coverage of the Synod:

Varia — October 9, 2014

October 9, 2014

1. The USCCB files objections to the latest version of the HHS mandate regulations:

2. An appellate court in Albany is considering whether a chimp is a legal "person" and thus entitled to some rights under the law: Unborn human children still await their day in court.

3. The defenders of real marriage vow to fight on: and

4. Alan Sears on the on-going fight for religious freedom on college campuses:

5. A religious liberty case was argued before the Supreme Court this week, and the prospects look good:

6. Forget about those guys in the movies, priests are the real superheroes:

Varia — October 7, 2014

October 7, 2014

1. The Supreme Court surrenders shamefully on marriage:

2. The Supreme Court’s non-decision decision essentially redefines marriage in at least 11 (and maybe as many as 16) states, and sends a signal to the lower courts that re-defining marriage is fair game:, and

3. The USCCB’s response:

4. Every so often the mask slips, and the "pro-choice" crowd allows us to see that they’re actually enthusiastically pro-death:

5. The forces of "tolerance" are at it again — "that’s a nice college you got there, it’d be a shame if anything bad happened to it… Now, let me make you an offer you can’t refuse":

6. A great new role model for the revitalization of religious life — the last brewmaster nun in Europe:

7. Feast of Our Lady of Victory. Thank God for the Holy League and Don John of Austria.


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